HEAVEN #2315 The Scenery

God said:

There is always good reason to feel sad. You can turn to sadness anytime you want. You can find occasion for it. But why would you? Turn to cheer instead. Why let sadness weigh more than happiness and pull you down?

Let happiness lift you. Favor happiness.

Suffering in the world does not need your collaboration. It has done very well without you. It is not true that when you cry, you cry alone. Many cry with you, even though they may think they cry alone. You bring tears more easily than you do laughter. You are good at warming up tears and heartache. 

It is happiness that cries for your support. Happiness needs you in its camp. To emphasize the positive is an old song. This is nothing new. Lay out a carpet for happiness to walk on. Roll out the barrel of laughter. Put away the handkerchiefs. Congregate to joy.

Leave the bad news alone. If you cannot uplift another with your words, deeds, and thoughts, then be quiet. Do not compound the sadness of the world by shrouding yourself in darkness. At the least, you can wear bright colors, If not for yourself, then for others.

Do you perhaps think that your vote doesn’t count? What side of the street you walk on counts very much. With every step you take, you make the world tremble or you give it a splash of light.

Know that you are mighty. Every step you take makes a difference. You hold the world in your hands. You are the balancer of it. The world depends on you. One jot of happiness from your heart removes a ton of sorrow.

Heretofore, you may have depended on the world, not realizing that it depends on you. You are not a dependent. You are a leader. To be a leader means that you think less about what you want and more about what you can give, and you give it. You are a servant of the world, and that means you lead it. This is how you serve.

You do not stand by the wayside and bemoan the state of events.

Look up at the sky instead, and all those around you will look up too. They will see the sun by day and the stars and moon by night. They will see the lighted cities, and they will see the horizon rising over the brim of the universe. Beloveds, beloveds, the world will see what you see. You are pointing out the world to itself. You are taking pictures of it that are broadcast to every corner. Take pictures of that which the world needs to see. Everyone can see the dross as well as you. Point out the scenery that reveals its beauty. Never mind the ugly. Leave it alone. Leave it alone once and for all.

Do not tote up the statistics of calamity. What a small thing to do. There will be those who advertise the downside, but not you, not anymore. Even if you are the only one, you will proclaim the light of day and the abundance I have proffered. You will accept, and you will carry the sweets around in a tray and offer sweetness to all. This is what it means to be a servant of God.

Never again point out the ill around you. I would not have you speak for it, nor would I have you beat it to the ground. In either case, you call attention to it. Let your attention be on loftier. If you do not know where to look, then look up and see beyond the clouds and night sky. See even beyond the stars. See all the way to Me. I am looking for you.



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