HEAVEN #2316 Now We See the Ocean

God said:

Beautiful beautiful is the world I gave you. You are the Sleeping Beauty who has yet to awaken to the pulse of the universe and its indescribable beauty. It is yourself you are waiting to wake up to. Wake up now.

The poisoned apple has lost its potency. Sit up now and spit it out.

No longer is there any excuse for not loving the universe. It is a universe of life. No longer is there any excuse for not partaking in the beauty of life. Now you step over all the negative, for why would you, a Sleeping Beauty now awakened, walk through negativity? You wear a diamond-studded gown and a tiara of immense proportions. One of such beauty as you no longer dallies with the brambles and thorns or comments on them. You have too much beauty to attend to. No longer do you let even the slightest negativity scramble your thoughts.

You are a coherent High Being. You are a Queen or King of life. You are not a commoner. You are not ignorant. You carry great light. What has darkness to do with you? No matter how many others choose to roam in darkness, you do not. Now you stride in the light. Keep your eye on the sun. That is the only thing to do. You are one who moves forward. You do not go backward.

Hands and mouths may try to pull you into the lower worlds of darkness on Earth, but you wear silver slippers and are undaunted in your walk to Heaven. No longer do you listen to nonsense. You certainly don’t propagate it. You stay out of the quicksand, and so others will climb out by your example. Bend your ear to them, and you get pulled in.

You know where you are going, and you don’t dawdle. You have no time nor desire to ooh and ah over gossip and reports. Your mind and heart are too full of glory to let anything hold you back. You are destined for Greatness, and you are going toward it now. There is a wide avenue that leads you to your destiny. It is easy to stay on it. Follow, follow Me, and not be diverted.

Harpies on the side of the road may call to you. They will tell you all the unhappy tidings. They would instill their fear into you. You know better. Smile and wave, and be on your way. Some of the harpies will be in disguise -- you will not be fooled. You are hot-footing it to Heaven. Your path is smooth. You have passed this way before. It is not new to you. You will not get lost. I will not lose you. And you cannot lose Me. You are found, and I am found. We walk hand in hand.

Our way is paved with gold. Our light makes Our path golden. We are walking the high road. The low road is illusion anyway. Sooner or later, the low road leads to the road We are on, which is, after all, the only road there is, and, therefore, the only road worth walking.

There is no temptation like Heaven. There is no Voice like Mine. There is no hearing like Mine. There is no vision like Mine, and I give them all to you. Here, they are for you. Speak My Voice. Hear as I do hear. See as I do see. I am enriched, and you are enriched.

See now. There is a rounded hill before us. It is not even a climb. Now We see the Ocean. Now We walk on water.



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