HEAVEN #2317 The Secret

God said:

You are beginning to get it. You embrace what you want. You emphasize. You let go of what you don’t want.

You don’t need complaints any longer. You have sped past them. Of course, you could find them if you looked, but you don’t look for them any longer. You look for that which to praise. How simple this is, and yet what a discovery! You have found the secret to living the life you love. Give up speculating about that which displeases you, and specialize in what uplifts your Being. You dance the dances you choose, and you sit out the others. You sing songs of love, and do not even mouth the other songs. You do not go along with them.

You have caught on to the fact that you write a script of your life. No longer do you work on a tragedy. No matter how eventful and interesting they may be, tragedy and melodrama are no longer your interest. You are looking for a different kind of story filled with a different kind of event.

You are beading a necklace of life. You choose the beads you will use to make your necklace. You order the beads you want. If you want turquoise, you order turquoise. You go through the gem catalog, and you choose that which you like. You spend time on what you find attractive. You simply go past the pages that you are not interested in. They are not for you, and that is enough. You don’t owe them anything. You certainly don’t owe them loyalty. You have graduated to the real gems. What use can you possibly have for plastic now?

Your life can be outstanding in joy. You know how to do it. You underscore the joy. You put it in bigger print.

If you have fallen into a pit, you refrain from going into great detail about its longitude and latitude. You don’t memorize the pit, touch every groove and stone. You look up to the light of day above you, and you find a toehold and you climb out of the pit. Even when your body is still stuck in the pit, you don’t keep your mind there. You travel on to the next oasis. You travel first with your mind, and this is how you pull yourself out of any dark pit. It truly is how you look at it. What your fingers touch is not the truth. The truth is something else. What the facts are is irrelevant. Facts are to ignore because they are only there to surmount and not to be lodged in. Facts are insignificant. That’s a fact.

Wholeness is true. Define wholeness then and not shards. If your life is glass, see through it, beloveds. See beyond.

This is how you learn to be a master of life. You are matriculating in life and not its obstacles. You have signed up for life. You have not enrolled in a course on obstacles. Obstacles are not even in the curriculum I ask you to consider. Obstacles are incidental. They are not the making of you. They are not your course of study. Just because they are in front of you is no reason to give them your all. Perhaps you don’t have to kick them or shove them out of your way. Perhaps you leap over them. Perhaps you find they are nothing at all, just a mote in your eye. Perhaps they are not made of stone. Perhaps they are made of thought. Change the constituents of your thoughts. Change the configuration. Leap, beloveds, leap.



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