HEAVEN #2319 The Train That Einstein Observed

God said:

The relative world is the train that Einstein observed. You are traveling on it, and you are the observer. You are the traveler, the observer, and the travel itself. And this, beloveds, is the least of you. It is not the most.

There are fields beyond where the train seemingly passes through.

There is grandeur. There is sky and all it contains. There is a Presence that surmounts everything that you perceive. There is a Presence beyond perception. Beyond perception is knowing, and so you are Knowingness itself. You are consciousness. We will capitalize it. You are Consciousness which extends beyond everything that you are conscious of. Consciousness Itself is greater than the sum of its parts. Actually, there is no parting it. The seeming parts are a reflection of the whole. Consciousness is one big swirl of light. It is brighter and more dazzling than any painting of the Sun. Consciousness is like the inner circle of the Sun. It is a beautiful place of Knowingness to be in. How warm and sunny.

You sit in a swing in the middle of the Sun, and you pump the swing, and it takes you ever higher. You pump your legs so strongly that you find yourself out of the Sun. For a brief moment of passing time, as you are out of the center of the Sun, you forget your centeredness. But on the arc of your swing, you are swinging back. You have ever been hinged to the inner chamber of the Sun. The hinge is strong, and it is unbreakable. And no matter how high you swing and no matter how far out you go, you are ever in the swing, and you can never fall. You are catapulted at the same time as you are tethered.

You are swinging yourself back. In the initial thrust on the swing, as you are on your way, you are also returning. No matter how far out you go, you are on your way from whence you came. And when you swing back into the center of the Sun, the light of the Sun absorbs you. You are absorbed. You were ever One with the Sun. The Sun may seem to be shining on your back, but you are also the Sun that is shining on yourself. You are the Sun of My heart radiating on Earth. The acorn does not even fall from the tree. 

You live on many levels at once. Even if you are a fool on this day, you are not. Even if you are fooled on this day, you are only taking part in a game. On every day, you take part in a game. It is only a game. You are playing at life. Whether you swagger or stumble, you play a part in a Magnificent Game. You have entered in. Even if you sit as a wallflower, you have entered the game. Even when you think you are a bit player, you are a star of the whole universe. You are My star shining on Earth. You are not a stone I threw. You are a star as bright as any star in the sky. You are related to all the stars. The Sun is your Mother/Father Star. And yet, you are not a baby star or baby sun. You are the Sun Itself. From whatever angle, you are the Brightest Star. You are Starness. You are Sunness. Shine so that the whole universe can know the brightness of God who shines on Earth. Be My light that shines. Be it. Know it. Shine it.



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