HEAVEN #2321 You Are on a Cruise

God said:

When you go on a cruise, you are served great buffets. So much to choose from. And you are not in a hurry. You sit and relax, and you appreciate and you enjoy. You are going somewhere, for the ship you are on sails across the ocean. You don’t have to swim.

This is how to deal in life. A great buffet is spread before you. You have infinite choices. Avail yourself of them. Take the time to appreciate and enjoy. The sun is shining, and you ride on a smooth sea.

When you are in a hurry, you pass by a lot. When you wait for something, as if receiving it will change your life, you also pass life by. Neither hurry nor delay.

When you car needs gas, you stop and fill the tank. Maintain a reservoir of energy within yourself.

Life is not to run through as fast as you can. Your purpose is not so much where you are trying to get to. Enjoying the way is primary. Getting there is like a period at the end of a sentence. But the sentence contains the meaning. The sentence keeps going. Reaching your destination ends that adventure, and now you start a new one.

This is another way to say to eat the food that is before you, and enjoy it. To enjoy the food served to you now, that is your objective. That is how to prepare yourself for the great feast awaiting you. You have the great feast in mind, yet this is not what you live for. You don’t live for later. You live for now.

Let life be the cruise you are on. Have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You don’t forgo eating until the dessert comes. Eat now.

On your way to your destination, there are many inns to stop at. Be surprised as much as you are certain. Life has many magic tricks up its sleeve. Count on life to serve you, and to serve you well. 

Unhappiness in life is detour. It is not the excursion you are on.

You have a desire to make something of your life. Know that you are making your life now. It is for you to be great now, and do great things. I am all for that. Do the little things now. A little thing may be a great thing, or it may be a great little thing. Beloveds, do not wait for the theater to be lighted up. Go on stage now.

You don’t have to be perfect, and nothing else has to be perfect either. I mean perfect in terms of the world.

You are not on a crash course. You are not cramming. This is life you live in. This is the life you live. Let’s make this moment a good one. And then the next as it appears. You can’t make something appear ahead of time. Ahead of time means to be thinking about it. Better to live life as it is than to think about it. Now, dreaming about life is another thing. Hold up a picture of the life you want, and meanwhile gather the rosebuds while you may. 

Beloveds, you are on this holy adventure called life. Life is where your foot is placed now. This is the ultimate life now. Take yourself by the hand. Skip along. Whistle a merry tune.



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