HEAVEN #2323 The King of Life

God said:

Ultimately, what you learn in life is to trust yourself more. Even in terms of the relative, you are far wiser and sincere than you give yourself credit for. You have love and wisdom beyond your years. You have it inborn.

You are far more than you or anyone thinks. Come into that realization.

The world may not have recognized you, and so you must recognize yourself. What a beautiful wise and wonderful Being you are. Say it, beloveds. Say: “I am a beautiful, wise and wonderful Being.”


“I am learning more about myself every day. I keep rising in my estimation. I begin to see what God hath wrought when He made me. He did not create potential. He gave me my potential realized. It is all here. Everything I want is here right now. Everything I want to be is here within me right now. What is realized is not potential. God gave me much more than potential.

“Would I be so foolish as to say, ‘God has great potential.’ I would not. God has great power. I know that. Power is already His, as it is already mine.

“Why do I wait to realize myself and my dreams? I stand on the street corner waiting for myself to appear, and I am already here. What am I waiting for? Why am I waiting at all?

“I stand in line at the bank to cash a check when the whole bank is already mine.

“I ask for permission to recognize what I already am. I wait for someone or something to announce me, when it is up to me to announce myself. Today I will pronounce myself sovereign. I am sovereign of my life, and that makes me sovereign of the world.  I am the King of my life. I have already had my coronation. I am not like a member of an orchestra, waiting for a cue to begin. I begin now. I surpassed the starting line long ago.

“I do have something to contribute to the world. I am listened to more than I have known. I am wise and more beneficent than I knew. Never mind, I know now. I am consciousness getting to know myself. I am consciousness playing in the field of life. I sport myself. I race myself.

“Now will I exalt myself. I rise now to where I am. I am a High Being. God made me so. He elevated me before and after birth. I am an enlightened soul born to Earth to discover my own enlightenment. I have sought it everywhere, and, all the time, I already had it. Enlightenment is much more a part of me than anything else I can think of. Brightness is enlightenment. It is only intelligent to be enlightened. And I am intelligent beyond my years and beyond my wildest imaginings.

“Why am I surprised at how amazing I am? Why should I be surprised how amazing every child of God is? And if I can believe that even one other is brilliant, why can’t I believe that of myself?

“I am God’s creation. He created me. He created me wonderful. Why would I be surprised? Why would I be surprised at anything God provides? I should be surprised if He did not provide. He has filled the cupboards. The larder is filled, and I have access.

“I have the key to the whole universe. I am the whole universe. Therefore, I have a key that will fit. I open myself up to great tidings. As I open myself, I open everyone else. Thank You, dear God, for granting me this favor.”



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