HEAVEN #2324 A Constant Star

God said:

Hear My heart. Read My heart. My heart is speaking to you. My heart will tell you stories of such magnificence and love that you have until now only dreamed of. I speak to you of love vast, and I speak to you of love expressly destined for you, addressed to you, wrapped for you, love unfolding, ever unfolding, ever cascading upon itself, and landing at your feet.

You cannot describe My love for you, nor can you circumvent it. It is only for you to receive and to uphold. You uphold it by receiving it, taking it, accepting it as yours. It is yours. All My love is yours. It is meant for you. And so all love is Ours. Our love belongs. Love belongs. Love is a multiplier. It is an echoing chord. It reverberates and never stops. Love presents itself everywhere. Love knows no bounds. Love is a centrifuge that spatters everywhere.  When you focus on love, you feel love. When you focus on love missing, love lost, then you feel the feeling of love lost, love unappearing or love disappeared. You feel bereft because you focus on unavailability of love. Focus on the presence of love. Love is truly ever present, dear ones.

Can you really imagine Me without giving love? Can you imagine me as stern and unfeeling? Can you feel me as a chastiser? Can you really? That is old thinking, very old, very antiquated, never so. Anything less than full love from Me can only be projection from the one who thought it. Know how worthy of love you are, and then you will know how wide and deep My love for you is. You will know the inevitability of My love. You will know love without any possibility of limit. You will know love boundless, love bounding over the mighty main.

Imagine love in love with itself. Imagine how love swells, and how it encompasses the whole of the universe.

Imagine love like a river swiftly flowing and flowing until it becomes the source of itself, as you are the source of yourself.

From whence does love come? It can only come from itself. It can’t come from anything else. Love is the establisher of all.

The arrow of love is pulled. Love is shot. Love lands. Love multiplies itself. Love is a constant star shining in the firmament. It may seem to flicker, but that is only a mirage imagined so many light years away.

To see all the love in the world, you have to penetrate its borders, that which seem like borders to you, for love has no borders. What is love for one is love for all, because love is all-permeating. Love penetrates to the heart of life itself. Love sweeps itself away which is the same as to say it brings itself forward and surrounds itself, holding itself captive as it is freed to embrace the world and swing it high.

Love is a high. It certainly is not a low, and yet there is an equality, an evenness of love. Love is more than excitement. It is a dwelling-place. It is home. Hone into that love which stirs all, is all for evermore, has no end, only more of itself.

Prepare and serve a banquet of love most graciously.

All the world is an undeveloped country where love needs to surmount time, vanquish it, turn it on its heels. This is what love does. What is the cure for what ails the world but love itself – love -- that overtaker of pain, that love which fills everything and stays that way, love that has nothing to do with individuality yet is so well-expressed individually that it is expressed universally. Once and for all. My will is done.

(Written while Gloria was in Minden, Nevada.)



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