HEAVEN #2325 Let Freedom Ring

God said:

Love is the peace that surpasseth all understanding. Love is beyond comprehension. But, of course, love is not for understanding but for giving.

Love creates harmony. Harmony does not exist all by itself. Harmony does not mean everyone is in agreement. It means that differences are not the focus. Differences are not looked for. Unity is. Love surpasses everything. It even surpasses itself.

In life, you will almost always trip over differences, and so do not burrow into them. There is so much love in the world, and so little time to love in. Love exists, and time does not, yet the love given in time and space from your heart is a timeless gift in the concept of time. Space does not exist, and yet love is to fill it. .Nothing else can. And yet love is much more than a filler.

Can you love when agreement is not? Can you love even when another does not have the sense that you do? Can you love even when someone else is arbitrary and opinionated and does not see as you do see? Can you love despite the appearances of disagreement? Do you want to?

Can you let go of control even in your thoughts? Can you be with people like a mother bird who lets her fledglings fly? Can you accept that no one has to matriculate in your school? Can you accept that no one’s mind or heart lies within your jurisdiction, that no one is subject to it? Can you let My people go?

Can you accept that everyone is a free Being, and that they do not need your approval? Can you accept that, indeed, you don’t have to approve nor disapprove, that you yourself only have to be? Will you accept that there is room in the world for all? Do not squares and circles and triangles also exist in the world companionably? Angles and curves meet, and there is delight, rather than elbows sticking into each other. 

If you were an angel who appeared on Earth in a human body, how would you flow through life? How would you avoid obstructing life? How beautifully would you offer passage through life to others. With a sweep of your arm, you would usher others before you. You would well know the distributor of love that you are. You would not be self-effacing, no, not at all. You would be so powerful that you would not need power. You would not try to control another. You would not even try to control yourself, for you would know that in the arena of love, there is no seating for control and no place-setting for it. It is not that you keep control out. Control simply would not enter.

Beloveds, when you abdicate control, disagreement is no big thing. Sticks and stones live amicably together. No one tries to convert a stick to a stone. Everything is welcome. All are welcome.

Decisions would come from grace. There would be easy exchange back and forth when no one is superior nor inferior but rather equal in say. This is respect, beloveds, and it is respect that is missing when you are so sure you are right and so sure than others are unbending and do not see what is right before them as you do see. They have been served a different tray of wonderful things. They do not have to see as you do. They don’t have to. And you can open your eyes and heart wider, and you can be less adamant without giving up what you see as integrity . Give yourself permission to be disagreed with. Give yourself permission to be without tension. It is from tension that disharmony comes.

(Written by Gloria in Minden, Nevada)



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