HEAVEN #2326 The Wonders of the World

God said:

Wake up to this new day as if you never had one day of life on Earth before this one. Like a first day at camp, it will be exciting. All the wonders to behold! And, beloveds, there are wonders before you that you have not even glanced at. You haven’t paid them mind. They were just there, and you were on your way to somewhere else. You may have been thinking, but you weren’t looking. You were preoccupied with what comes next rather than the jewels right before you.

Look at your hands, the fingers so perfectly splayed, fingernails and all. You can point with your fingers. You can eat with them. You can type with them. You can knit with them. Your mind will move them in an instant. Your hands have palms that you can cup and drink water from. You can turn your hands every which way.  

We say that your mind makes your fingers move, yet it something beyond the mind that decides the direction of the mind. It is not your mind that chooses to type or knit or caress. Desire moves the mind. And so your beautiful hands move as your heart directs. Your heart chooses when it is delight for you. The mind follows the directions of the heart. The mind is supposed to follow orders.

And every one thing that your hands can touch is also a wonder.

And what your hands cannot touch is also a wonder.

What your hands cannot reach, your beautiful eyes can. Your eyes touch the sky and all that goes with sky, day sky and night sky, and horizons, and colors of unimaginable beauty. Your eyes take you on a journey to Vastness. They give you clues.

And what your eyes cannot reach, your imagination can reach and your heart can, and your soul can. There is nothing out of sight. That which cannot be seen is also seen. That which cannot be known is also known. All knowledge is contained within your pulsing heart. And so all is connected, and nothing and no one is separate.

These are only some of the wonders of the world that this one day right here will reveal to you.

And then, the same hands that move can also be still, a portrait painted of them, fingers touching, beautiful hands that you carry with you, hands so supplely connected to the heart, the heart connected to seekingness, connected to the pulse of life itself. All is in your hands. Let your hands be hands that carry the universe lovingly.

And, just think, the artist-created feet of yours can walk you anywhere, can beat to music, can dance, can spring, can pedal a bicycle, can flex, can grip, can wiggle.

And, just think of it, there is ground for your feet to walk on, ground of diverse kinds. Who could dream of all the wonders that one simple day holds for you?

Who could dream that Beings such as We have created could populate Earth and appear as separate moving parts of a world that hangs in space and turns upon its axis? Who could imagine so much going on all at once? Who could believe there could be so many opposites co-existing. Who could dream up war and peace, hot and cold, summer and winter? Who could dream up flowers and fruit and trees that bear fruit and roses with thorns? Who could conceive of wet and dry, hunger and satiation? Who could dream that you could forget your Oneness with Me and think of so many other things instead?



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