HEAVEN #2327 Rising to Heaven

God said:

Yes, I created you. From love, you were birthed. And so now, beloveds, I Who am the Creator, I also come into existence through you. I exist no matter what, and yet you bring Me to life. You are the life of Me. It is as if your fingers type Me into existence. I walk the Earth, beloveds, and you make pictures of Me. Your life and My existence are inseparable.

I say you create Me because I, Who exist eternally, and I, Who exist in your heart -- I also exist in the perimeters of your mind. Your mind says I exist, or your mind may say I do not. Your mind is like a junction point or a toll booth that admits or does not admit Me. Of course, I walk right through all gates regardless, and yet how I love your recognition. Just like you, I like to be recognized. I like to walk on Earth and have the throngs strew rose petals, throw kisses, live their lives with joy.

It is understood that I do not request your accolades for My sake but for yours. I walk proudly in you. May you be proud of Me as well so that you walk tall and strong. It makes a difference to you when you gather around Me and acknowledge, not only Our Partnership, but the Greatness of Our Partnership. What you look at becomes you, you become it. You radiate it.

The same way, when you see woe, you feel woe. I say, See Me, and woe be gone.

What you see, you become. You take it on.

This is not entirely a conscious decision. You vibrate to what you look upon. We can say that what you look at is a tuning fork, and you vibrate to the tuning fork. Hear accord, and you vibrate to accord. Hear dissonance, and you vibrate to dissonance. It is your choice what you see. You can look at anything and see My Presence. You become what you see, and what you see also becomes your vision.

What do you become in your own awareness when you vibrate to Me? If only for a second, you stand on a new plane of existence. See Me everywhere, and where does that leave you, beloveds? When you see Me in everything, Who is seeing?

You cannot contrive to do this, beloveds, but you can set your intention. Set it lightly, and then live your life.

Say: “Today I set the dial on my heart to seeing God everywhere. I know I don’t have to. I know I am all right with God anyway I am. It is not that God will love me more when I am conscious of Him. It is that I will love more, and I will love myself more. Oh, what will the world be when everyone loves himself as well as his neighbor with the light of God’s love? The peace of God is mine. I stand in God’s light. I will remember this. And so I serve God. God encompasses all, so I serve all. I serve the stars and the sun and the moon, and I serve every moving thing on Earth, and I serve all that does not move, and I serve the Earth in ecstasy at what God has made, and has made Me. With the gift of life, God has given Me the chance of a lifetime, and I accept this life with all its privileges and rights, and, as I do, I rise to Heaven.”

(Written while Gloria was in Minden, Nevada)



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