HEAVEN #2351 The Music of the Streets

God said:

You are not to let anything trouble you. What is the percentage in it? Stay away from the sentiment of trouble. The concept of trouble has ruled too many lives. The concept likes to hover over you. You think trouble is out to get you, and then you think you must ward it off. And a lifetime passes by.

Trouble is like rain. It rains. It stops. But you do not always have to carry an umbrella to ward off rain. And if you get a little wet, so be it. At least you enjoyed the sunshine before the rain. And now you can enjoy the sunshine after the rain. Do not live your life according to weather forecasts, beloved. Get your mind on another track. Set your mind in the direction you want it to go.

Prepare for the sunshine! Think about going to the beach.

When you feel darkness, you have been looking at the dark. Want to feel light? Then look at the light.

When you see beauty, go to it.

When you see ugliness, take your thoughts somewhere else.

There has to be beauty in the heart of man. I reside in your heart. Look for Me. Feel for Me. Think of Me. Upgrade your thoughts.

You like new things. Even though I have been forever, I am new every day. Catch up to Me. Progress through life with Me, and you will be bound for joy. Let the sunlight of My love in. Raise the blinds. Open the windows of your heart and mind.  I am tapping at your window. Even though I am already inside, admit Me. Open wide for the God of Love Who loves you. Regardless, I will permeate you. You are already permeated with Me.

You cannot think of Me and trouble in the same breath. Trouble is contrary to Truth. The Truth is I am a Master Musician. Hear My music. Once heard, it becomes your own music. I am not only Church Music. I am Love Music, and I am the Music of the Streets. Where is My music not?

Do not associate Me only with thunder and lightning. Associate Me with blue skies and bright sun. Associate Me with the lilies of the field and the roses in your vase. Associate Me with everything, for am I not part and parcel of everything, and am I not everywhere for all time -- as time is measured in the world? Am I anywhere without you? Are you anywhere without Me? It is not possible. We are conjoined. We are entwined irrevocably. Nothing can separate Us, you and I. 

Even in the midst of a vast desert I am with you. Even in the midst of a crowd, I am with you. There is no place where I am not, yet I am only locatable in your heart. The drum beat of your heart announces My arrival, I Who arrived in full splendor from the first moment of Creation, from before the first moment, from before you started to wake up – I have been with you always. Whether you have been asleep or awake, I have been with you. Know My Presence, beloveds. Know it well. Know it is inseparable from you. I am inseparable from your presence. I am present with you on Earth. We came here together. We stay together. We can never leave what We most desire, and that is each other. I birthed you into existence. I live in you and through you. What else is there for you to know? What is there you must have but Myself, which is the same as to say, your Self.



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