HEAVEN #2353 I Sing of Thee

God said:

Hold the palms of your hands up toward Heaven. Let your hands become cups wide open to receive the energy of the Universe. You will feel the energy reverberating in the simple palms of your hands. Feel the pulse of this energy. It is sweet. You are always receiving this energy. Imagine how connected to Heaven you are. Imagine what goes on in the crown of your head. Imagine this great and subtle energy permeating you. It is a life force.

Not only do you receive this energy, you also radiate it. It is circulatory. This is the way the Earth revolves, and this is how you do, how your life does. Consider your heart a tom-tom, and its beats reach far and wide. They are heard everywhere. They may not be noted, but they are heard.

Perhaps you have thought of yourself as a separate Human Being, made for yourself alone, when you are, in fact, a peace offering to the world, a gift from Heaven given to radiate Heaven energy wherever you are. Oh, the power that is yours to give. Give it.

Trees breathe in and out for you. The very air is at your service. All that you receive is yours to give.

Consider the universe one great pulse. The pulse is felt in the wrist of the world, so to speak, and it is felt in the neck of the Universe and in the heart of the Universe. This life force is ever beating. This beat says love, and it repeats love over and over. It is its pleasure to do so. There is nothing else for the Pulse of the Universe to say. In its quietness, nothing else is communicated, only the beat of love. It is never garbled, never ever.

If you feel the beat of something other than love, you are mistaken. Your ears are plugged. Open the heart of you more, and you will hear the true song that is being sung. This is a precious song. It is I, God, calling to you. It is I, God, announcing Myself. The wings of angels you may hear are the simple waves of My love.

All that you are and all that you do is from the energy of My love. There is no step without it. If you do not perceive the waterfall of this love, alas, you do not perceive, yet the love is yours just the same. Nothing will stem the love I give. The time of perception is upon you.

Love is going to be so evident in the world that you will wonder how you ever thought it was hidden or subverted. There is no new onrush of love, beloveds. It was always the same love, and now you are perceiving it to a new degree. The eyes of your heart are more open. You are discovering what has always been and been yours and been Ours. You are discovering the interconnectedness of the Universe, the One Verse I sing. Can there be a better song than what I sing? Can it be sung in a better voice? I sing of thee.

A silent voice reaches everywhere. A loud voice gets hoarse. My voice is eternal. It flows as if on its own. It is quietly self efficient, and so is the love lodged in your heart. Perhaps you have been saving what there is no dearth of and what is yours to give and to give rampantly. Breathe in My love, My beloveds, and breathe out My love so that you may know the extent of it, and so you may know what it is to give it back to its Source, so you may know how much like Me you are.



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