HEAVEN #2354 A Farseeing Star

God said:

You do not yet know the degree to which you are the instrument of My love. As a matter of fact, you have no idea. You have dark goggles on as you swim in the Ocean of My Love.

Your individuality inflated itself, beloveds, as your Oneness took a back seat, seemingly took a back seat.

What any one of you, fully and consciously connected to My love, could accomplish. What could you not? What could one of you seamlessly give to the arrangement of the world, simply by dint of being the musical instrument of My love? You are the great tool of the Universe. You are the key that opens the lock to the Universe.

In an open state of consciousness, you would know My power, and therefore you would let it run through you, and you would move your arms and legs, and you would move through the Universe as the holy light you are.

Your laugh would resound through the rafters of Heaven. You would realign the world through one thought of Me. You would indeed be Atlas, not bound, but Atlas free to walk the Earth, behold it, and delight in it. You would be the rumble of the Earth, and you would be the peace of Heaven, and you would enlighten the world. You would indeed silently claim the title of celestial body on Earth. You would be a farseeing star close up. The world would adopt your vibration, and what a vibration that would be. You would know the power of your consciousness because you would have recognized Me. You would have given up every vestige of resistance to the Greatness that you are. You would bow off the stage, and you would have Me reign. Yes, you are My instrument on Earth, if only you knew Who You were and Who You are, and the power of God that reigns within you. You have to know, beloveds.

You are a power-instrument of the Universe. You haven?t known you were plugged in, and so you bobble on the surface of the very Ocean of My Heart. Oh, beloveds, how innocent you are in your ignorance. With one thought, one thoughtless thought, thoughtless because it would be pure, you would unite all the seas, all the continents, and you would turn night into day. You would have heard My signal, and you would have responded, you, the perfect instrument of My love.

Heretofore, you have laden yourself with decorations when you need none. You have laden yourself with all kinds of instructions, when you need none. The trumpet call of your heart is all that you need, and all I need of you. Your recognition of yourself is all that I need of you, that the world needs of you, that you need of yourself.

I walk the world in you, and I walk the world through you. You are the power of My thought, and you are the power of My love. My power, My love, My thoughts are one and the same, and they are one and the same within you. You have scattered the seeds of the God-given power within you. You have scattered them witlessly. All you need to do is to scatter one seed with all the power I have given you. One seed of My love will make all the flowers grow, will uplift the Universe, will nourish hearts, will make love multiply, will allow love to take over the distracted world and bring it back to Me, will center the world, will settle it in a bed of peace, will stop its tremors, will wipe its brow, will serve Me well.



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