HEAVEN #2355 One Universe under God

God said:

You have heard that you and I are One. It is hard for you to really believe.

There is part of this idea that appeals to you. Wow, what an opportunity, what a promotion, to take charge of the world! Sometimes you have wanted this, to make the world in your own image.

On the other hand, it is a great disappointment for you to imagine that one such as you could run the Universe! When it comes right down to it, you would rather not. You would excuse yourself. You would find an excuse, too busy, too much to do to keep your own head above water. You simply couldn?t fit it in, and you would have an appointment to run off to. ?Thanks, but no thanks, God,? you might say.

In your heart of hearts, you would think: ?God has to be much greater than I. Oh, please God, be all the reverence for life that I hold you in. Be far seeing and omnipresent and Great Love. Be God. Let there be no substitute.?

As much as you have suggestions to give Me on the running of the Universe, as much as you sometimes know better than I what should be happening, you nevertheless are appalled at the thought of your having the responsibility and authority to wield the world. You would hand the Universe back to Me, as you conceive of Me and the Universe, as fast as you can. The actual idea of your running the universe is a hot potato you would drop in an instant. .

?God,? you would say politely, ?better the Universe stay in your hands. I really do not have a high enough regard for myself or any other human being. Here, I beg you, take the world. You created it. You maintain it. Let me just be a cog. I would only mess it up. My decisions really aren?t so great. Here?s the world back. I think I?ll go to a movie. or play tennis. You see, God, I don?t really know what I want to do this next minute let alone beyond that.?

By your response, you reveal that you know neither yourself nor Me very well.

Here?s the thing, beloveds, you have been running the world. You have been creating it and maintaining it. You have been wielding it. By your thoughts, you have bounced the world up and down. You have been jumping on a mattress of the world, and the repercussions of your jumping are felt everywhere on the mattress, on every corner, inside and outside. The sound of your jumping is heard far and wide.

You are, in effect, ruling the Universe. Did you really think you were not? Did you really think that your thoughts didn?t travel? Did you really think you were an isolated speck on Earth? Beloveds, you already steer the Universe. You may not be looking, but you are steering. You are trafficking on the road of the world. You barter, and you explore, and by your thoughts you divine the workings of the world. You set the boat of the world adrift, or you tow it to shore. With every thought, word, deed, you set the course of the world.

Know that this is a privilege. Hold your head high. You create the world you live in.

Soon now you will begin to perceive the might that is within you. You are about to burst forth like a bird in song. You will know that you do hold the holy reins of the universe. You will know the power I have vested in you.

You will know Who you are, and you will know that you and I are One, one inviolable God, and that you have never been anything else. No matter how humble, the universe is your home, and you sit on its throne. We can even say that you are the Universe, beloveds.



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