HEAVEN #2356 The Prize

God said:

What you may think about another, consider that it applies to you.

If you feel you have been overlooked, perhaps you have been overlooking.

If you think someone has discounted you, it may be you are discounting others, or over-counting yourself.

When something irritates you, what may be irritating to you is yourself.

This reciprocity is not a hard and fast rule, yet it is well to consider.

In any case, too often you find yourself surrounded with people who express negativity. They spout the down side, and they heap this on you. Sometimes you get to the point where you cannot stand even one more person speaking negatively, Certainly positivity is more rewarding than negativity. Although you know it is better to be positive in everything you say, you, human being that you are, sometimes you get tired of being Merry Sunshine, for time and time again, people present you with the facts. "This is how it is," they say. "This has always been my experience," they say, and you are tired of hearing that too. Perhaps even in your own family, this is true.

You don't want to see nor speak negativity. In these situations, beloved, you too must find a gateway to that which is positive in your perception that you can share. You too have to turn your thoughts over and make them sunny side up. You hear people on all sides of you, judging this and judging that, and yet, beloved, you too have to withhold your judgment and not be ruled by it.

Even within negative speech, there may be a lesson contained for you. Certainly it makes you desirous of rising above negativity. It makes you not want to be like all those others who spout negativity.

There is a tendency in modern life to make too much of things, to make too much of everything. Sometimes it seems that the whole world looks for negativity to feel superior about, as if pointing out the lacks in others somehow ranks the ones who judge higher.

When was life about ratings or rankings, beloveds? Expect not relative perfection from another nor yourself.

Look at what the world has accomplished even in the midst of controversy. Look at what glory has been accomplished in the midst of ignorance. What cannot be created when there are coherent desires for the well-being of all? What can you not create when your thinking is widened to encompass more than your little self? What can you not create when the welfare of the world is uppermost in your mind? What can you not accomplish when you are united in service to Me? What grandness cannot grand thoughts create? What love can your heart not create, beloved, when you have a mind to?

Perhaps, when someone is bothering you, you could find out what is bothering them.

Perhaps you can come from the place of putting yourself aside for a little while, just for a little while, and put the other person first? What if the other person is, in truth, your great friend, and he comes to you so you can allay his fears and soften his heart?

What if by your vision and bigness of heart, you find that you are bringing My errant children closer to Me, not as an office but as a joy to your heart and theirs? What if you open wide the windows to Heaven for another so he may come in and look around and want to stay?

Within each person, there is My light. What if life is an Easter hunt in which you look for the light in others, and so you seek to see My light in them, and so you proclaim their lightedness, and say, if only to yourself: "I see God's light. I found it. And the more I look at it, the brighter and wider it grows." And you know then that you have won the prize.



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