HEAVEN #2358 Happiness

God said:

Do you want to know what happiness is? Happiness is fulfilling My Will.

Remember My Will isn't duty. You are not to be dutiful. What fun is there in obligation? Obligation is like buttons on a shirt. The buttons are not the shirt. They are just the means by which you close the shirt. Obligation, like with buttons, is something you do to be done with it. Buttoning, like obligation, is not generally your joy. No, you don't fulfill My Will from any sense of obligation. Fulfilling My Will is quite different. It is more like wearing a silk shirt that fits you.

You fulfill My Will because that is where your happiness lies. Not later. Not down the road. But now, beloveds, now. Where else could your happiness lie but in My Will?

Fulfilling My Will is meant to be pure joy, pure fulfillment for you. That fulfilling My Will is also your responsibility doesn't make it less fun. Do you want to know what fun is? Fun is filling My Will. You know I want you happy, you know that, don't you?

My Will is that you be happy, and I know the way for you to realize your happiness.

Being distracted isn't the way to happiness. Happiness is its own route. Follow your happiness.

Your heart knows where your happiness road is. You don't always know. You often don't know. You come to dead ends. You come to places other than happiness.

A requirement for happiness is that you let go of preconceived ideas. You let go of planning, and you get started on dreaming. Build your dreams. Keep going higher. Dream, and see where your dreams take you. Dreams are not obligation. They are not status. Dreams simply look up. They scale the heights. Dream your dreams. Don't look down. There is happiness. There is your happiness. It exists.

Do not think you have to make yourself better. Locate your happiness, and then you will be better. Not better really, but more in tune with the betterness that you already are. Effort is not the road to happiness. Strain does not lead to happiness. Ease leads to happiness.

You are following the song of a flute, beloveds. I played the flute long ago. Now you hear a few strains from it ever so faintly, and now you follow this haunting flute song in your heart to where it takes you. You will have a most wonderful time. You will be like an enchanted being in the forest playing a flute – what? am I saying that you are playing the flute song that you hear! Well, of course, you are. You play the flute, you listen, you hear the strains of My love in the flute song you play. Wherever it seems to come from, what can My flute song be but enchanting, and what can it do but enchant you and overflow the cup of your heart with happiness?

You have suspected for a long time that there is happiness greater than you presently know. You have looked up, been dazed, wondering where this happiness is and if it could possibly be for you. Beloveds, I am strewing bread crumbs for you so that you may follow them all the way to your destined happiness. I am not talking about future happiness in the Hereafter. I am talking about happiness right now, in your life on Earth, happiness today. How about this moment, beloveds?



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