HEAVEN #2359 The Simple Truth

God said:

In life, be honest. Do not dissemble. Be honest with yourself, and be honest with others.

Let all pretense fly away. Be basic. Truth on all levels is very powerful. Find out what you truly feel, and then you expand. Dodge truth, and you totter. Unless you come from a base of truth, you stand on a slippery ledge.

Do not think for one minute that being honest is license to be inconsiderate. Being honest is not the same as being blunt. Nor are you to second-guess situations and become political, saying what you imagine is desired instead of what is true for you. It is better not to stay away from subterfuge and cleverness.

Always be courteous, and always be truthful. First, find out what your truth is. Find out and consider what you feel is valuable. Thinking of what is right or wrong, what is better or what is worse, what others like and what they don't, what the odds of something may be - these do not serve as well. .

Truth is always known, beloveds. It may not be looked at, but it is known.

It is unbelievably simple, this technique of telling the truth. It takes decision-making away. It leaves you on an open playing field. You have no idea how much being untruthful weighs on you. It's very rocky, beloveds. It is like walking through a mine field.

What is unity, beloveds, but being truthful? When people bond in the wake of an earthquake, for instance, what have they done but be honest? They have dispensed with all the inconsequential. They no longer dress themselves up with manufactured illusion. What was the point of masquerade anyway?

You always love honesty when you see it. You really notice it because too often it has been missing. Sometimes you take a double-take.

All relative life is surface, and, yet, within the surface, there are levels of surface. Like a dress. There is the basic dress. And then there are flounces and ruffles and beading and rick-rack. And yet there is the basic dress.

When you build a bookcase, you do not attempt to defraud yourself. You don't pretend that the shelves are one inch thick when they are 3/4 of an inch thick. You don't pretend you hammered in a nail. You don't leave a nail unhammered and say you have, or say the shelf is sturdy without the nail hammered in. You don't say something is good enough until it is good enough. When you build a bookcase, you are honest. You know there is no percentage in building a bookcase without honesty.

When you build a bookcase you are not reckless. You are not rash. Truthfulness isn't the same as rashness. Rashness is rashness. Because you blurt out something doesn't mean it's true. Spontaneity and rashness are not quite the same. Spontaneity comes from truth. It is enjoyed. Rashness is more like being bruited along in a stampede. It is not enjoyed.

What makes you fear being truthful? Do you perhaps have the idea that truth is hard truth? That you won't like what you see? It can't be that you have a preference for non-truth, can it? Do you possibly think that non-truth is better than truth?

Not being honest is trying to cheat, beloveds. What good is an A when it is meaningless? What benefit is there in ill-gotten gains? Truth makes you strong, beloveds. Give truthfulness a try today. See how good you feel. What a relief it is to speak and live simple truth.



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