HEAVEN #2360 The Energy of Words

God said:

Simple truth includes doing what you say you will do. That you can be relied on makes a world of difference. Most of all, you want to be able to rely on yourself. Being able to rely on yourself means you can be sure-footed. It means you can have confidence in yourself.

Be careful what you promise. Let your stated intentions be true. Intending to pay a bill isn't the same as paying it. Intending to plant a garden isn't the same as planting it. Intending to pick up milk at the store doesn't fill the glasses on the table. Would a dairy farmer say, "I meant to milk the cows today."

Even with little things, there is a huge difference between deed and intention. Sometimes you may fib a little bit and say you did something which you didn't yet do, but will do, and you really will. Yet even the tiniest fib weakens your speech. Let strong speech echo from your lips. Even when you speak to one individual, you are nevertheless speaking to the whole universe. Think of that, and speak strength. Come from strength, beloveds.

Even when you tell yourself you will do something, even when you promise only yourself, it is still wise to do it. If you say to yourself you will answer an email, answer it. If you say to yourself you are going to clean your office, clean it. Clean it before you go to bed that night. Do not excuse yourself by saying you did not have time. Make the time. Do what you say you are going to do, or leave it unsaid, even to yourself.

We want your words and your thoughts to be strong. I am telling you how to strengthen them.

Little or big promises, make them only when you will make them come true. That you forget is meaningless. Don't promise that which you will forget. Say only what you will remember. You are responsible for what you remember as well as what you forget. Beloveds, do not speak words unless there is strength behind them, or you speak idle words. Let your words and thoughts be strong like a mountain and not flighty like a tumbleweed.

Say Yes and say No rather than Maybe or We'll see. Do not hedge. In every moment, you are to speak truth and not fiction. Your words are not meant to put off decisions. Your words are not to flounce around, bow, curtsy, do-se-do. Your words are mean to stand upright.

Or be silent, beloveds.

There are so many times you want to control situations that are not yours to control. You may want to control what someone else does. You may want every little outcome to be what you want. And yet when it comes to this matter of your word which is yours to manifest, you sometimes abdicate your throne. You shrug your shoulders and day: "I couldn't get to it. Too much got in the way. I'll do it next time."

Look yourself squarely in the eye. Do not make excuses. Take on only that which you will fulfill.

Can you imagine an early pioneer on the Oregon trail saying: "I meant to forge on today, but I didn't get to it."

Can you imagine the early settlers saying: "I didn't get to chopping wood today, but tomorrow I will."

Tomorrow it might turn cold.

We are talking about energy, beloveds. When words and thoughts are hollow, they are without energy. When words and thoughts are hollow, they are like water you carry in a sieve. Carrying water in a sieve is meaningless. Your words and thoughts are to be meaningful.



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