HEAVEN #2361 The God Bank

God said:

It is like there is a God Bank. Everyone has an account in good standing. Actually, We could say that you have an x number of accounts, all good in the God Bank. We could say you have seven accounts. We could also say you have an infinite number. We could call these accounts levels of consciousness. We could call them many things. Regardless, all you have to do is to walk in, and you will be greeted, and you will have easy access to your accounts. You will not have to register. You don't need a password. You will not even have to sign in. You will be greeted, and you will have a great smile on your face. No forms to fill out. No security to go through. Easy access. Open door policy. No revolving doors. No need to take a deep breath before you enter.

You may be timid about coming to the Great God Bank. You may think you are not stylishly dressed enough. You may think the marbled halls are for others but not for you. And, yet, you have been invited, beloveds. In fact, you are sent invitations daily, even oftener than that. You just aren't sure what you did with the invitation, or you forgot you had it, forgot to bring it and felt you'd better go back and get it, even though that's not necessary. Maybe you received your invitations and hadn't opened them yet. They're piled up on your desk or kitchen counter. And, oh, yes, you were busy with other things that pushed their way in.

Or perhaps you do recollect all the invitations, but you filed them. You want to do it right, perfectly, and you are waiting for a better time before you walk in. Perhaps you are waiting for a lightning bolt from the sky to come down and get you.

The God Bank is a come as you are affair. There is no distinction made at this bank. It is for all. It is a common bank for all. There is no check list of requirements. That's what you have to understand. There is nothing you have to wait for to gain entrance. I have been waiting for you. Calmly, of course. I do not tap My foot nor look at My watch. I simply call to you to come join Me, to come and make yourself at home in the palace of My love. There is nothing to it, beloveds. Come now.

The God Bank is open around the clock. Of course, there is always the ATM, but I am speaking of courteous service at the God Bank proper. There are no lines to wait in, You are always first. Certainly, there is no last.

Beloveds, you are an owner of this bank. You have an unlimited credit card in your pocket, You are never charged interest. There are no fines, no penalties. There is free exchange here. Love is love, and it is for all. And there is no limit. There is no top, no cut off. Fresh love here. Fresh every day, and it never gets stale. It is all love for the asking. Come in. Reach your hands into the coffers and take all you want. Give to the poor, and there will be no poor. When all are rich, neither rich nor poor will be known. Only love will be known. Love is not a commodity at the God Bank. It is simply the medium of exchange. It is not printed nor minted. It is not rubber-stamped. It is all original, and it comes from the Source of Almighty Love.



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