HEAVEN #2362 A Rose in Bloom

God said:

Negativity contributes to fatigue. Although you may find other reasons, physical reasons, the underlying cause of continued fatigue is negativity. Resistance comes from negativity. Frictionless flow is not tiring. When love flows abundantly, what can make your body weary?

When you chop wood all day, your body needs to rest. Such need for rest is healthy and temporary. A good night's rest takes care of it.

When it comes to day in and day out fatigue, its basis is in negativity, Instead of your weeping, your body carries the weight of tiredness. Day-in and day-out tiredness is like poor digestion. Perhaps your digestion of life has become sluggish.

It may be that your tired body cries out for relief from unhappiness. You drag yourself simply because you are not jumping for joy.

Beloveds, no longer say that you are tired. No longer say you are not happy. No longer carry fatigue over into your life. Note joy instead, and carry that. Note that which is enlivening, and carry that. It is light. Enhance your reaction to life. Sing a new song.

Note how spring appears. After a long winter covered in snow, everything awakens. Trees and flowers, singing birds are restored, and there is a new note sung in the universe. The doldrums are over. Spring has come, and spring has cast light and liveliness upon the ground.

And so now, let energy rise up within you. Know it is not only possible. Know also that you can do it. Burst through the snow and the frozen ground, and proclaim yourself a harbinger of spring. No longer are there drafts of negativity that will enter. You will pay no mind to the news of the world. You will pay no mind to your own negative thoughts of the past, for you are spring, and spring buds with new life. A rose bud knows no fatigue. A rose plant in bloom knows no fatigue. It is rooted in the present and in My love. And when the blooms fade, the rose bush remains hale and hearty. Fatigue cannot withstand the sunlight in your heart.

When you need a lift, give yourself a lift.

You are not to sleep away your life. Be awake to the treasures before you.

Flowers bloom for you to pick, and so life is there for you to choose. You are not to hide from life. You are to embrace it. You are in the relative world now to enjoy. Do not shirk from life. Do not be dismayed by it. Enjoy instead. Every day, take life by the hand, and bring it closer to you.

You who are on Earth are born to live life on Earth. The Earth wanted you, and you came. You graciously accepted life on Earth, and, so now, make it your own. Make your own life. Make a life that is light-footed and energetic to the brim. Be light-hearted, and see your fatigue go. You will jump ahead of it. There is no need to be heavy-footed.

Make this day light and sparkling. Get done all that you have said you would get done. Get it done, and be done with all that has been hanging over you. Remove the clouds. Let the sun come through. Waken to life, beloveds. Fatigue is not to stand between you and life. See how much better you feel when you get out onto the dance floor of life.

Do not think for one minute that you belong on the sidelines. Do not think for one minute that fatigue is your due. Do not think for one minute that you have to have it. Leave it behind, beloveds. Fatigue does not belong to you.



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