HEAVEN #2365 For All to Hear

God said:

Wherever you live, you live in My heart. You may feel that you fly in and out of My heart. You cannot. My heart is so vast, there is no out of it. My heart has no exit. There is only entrance into My heart.

It is too terrible to contemplate to think of yourself anywhere but in the center of My heart. So do not contemplate it. Do not even contemplate being on the outskirts of My heart. There is no awayness from the center of My heart. You are close to Me, and there is nothing more to say. You flutter in My heart like the wings of a butterfly. My heart is not a net, however, that caught you and keeps you bound. It is within My heart that you are free. My heart encompasses the whole world and you in it. Nothing exists outside My heart. Nothing can exist outside Me. There is no outside Me. All is within Me. You are within Me. You walk the so-called Earth for Me. You are My arms and legs. I encompass the world, and you encompass Me. We have a fine arrangement. We are partners in love. Give way to Our love. Nothing can withstand it. Nothing exists without it.

You exist because of My love. My DNA is love, and I gave it to you. What a great gift this gift of life is that I gave you. There is no greater. I gave you the gift of Self-exploration and the gift of Self-discovery. I gave you opportunity. I gave you the free will to use My gifts any way you choose. If you have not yet chosen to come to Me, you will soon, yet I do believe that you have already chosen to come to Me, only now you imagine you are a little adrift. You feel like a hitchhiker when there are no cars in sight.

Of course, you need no transportation to Me, you who are already in My heart. You just think you have to do something. You just think there is a journey to Me, and that it is arduous, as if you need training for it. All you have to do is to approach. I will do the rest. I will take you by the arm wherever you may be, and I will open your eyes so you can see where you are and in Whose Presence you are. I give you the lay of the land and your inheritance of Heaven. I bequeath everything to you, you who are the beat of My heart sounding on Earth.

You are never out of My sight nor out of My hearing. Beloveds, you are My sight, and you are My hearing. What would I whisper if it were not for you? What would I do without you? It is fun with you. There is no without Me, and there is no without you, I bless Myself with you. I gave Myself the gift of you. I gave Myself a sounding board. I gave Myself a revelation. I gave Myself offspring. I am your Progenitor. I am your Creator. I created you for joy. Will you remember that?

Will you remember Our love? Will you remember it in the town and in the dale? Will you remember it walking through a forest and riding on the High Seas? Will you remember Me? Will you let your heart beat for Me, and My heart beat for you? Will you be My accompaniment? Will you sing My song so I may hear it and hear what I sing?

Will you sing it for all to hear?



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