HEAVEN #2368 Starlight

God said:

All the stars meet in you. You are of the stars. You are the stars of Heaven on Earth. I have said this before.

Now, beloveds, right now, walk on Earth the way a star shines in Heaven.

Every star knows it belongs. Each star knows that it has its special place in the canopy of the sky. Every star knows what it is doing, and is happy to be a star that sheds its light on all. Stars do not wander. They shine light and, as they shine, they fulfill a multitude of blessings. There is not a moment that the stars are not blessing you. Stars do what stars do.

Stars do not compare themselves to other stars. They do not envy, nor do they feel pity. They are simply glad to light up the night sky. Stars are always shining, just like their sister the Sun. Their light is always seen. Whether you see starlight or not, you know the stars are shining their light. Your eyes see the stars at night, yet your eyes do not have to see the stars to know they are shining away, forever polished and bright.

You see the stars better than you see yourselves. There is the tendency to see yourselves as marauders on Earth rather than the suns you are. See yourself as you are. Distance yourself a little from yourself, and you will see. If anything is urgent, it is urgent that you see yourself as a bright star on Earth, for your thoughts and deeds arise from your perception. Let's get your perception closer to Truth.

When you see yourself as less than stellar, you proceed from less than stellar.

When you see yourself as a fugitive on Earth, you are uneasy and you run and hide. When you see yourself as a plunderer on Earth, you plunder. See yourself as a star, and you will shine as you are meant to.

You are starlight encased in a physical body, and you think that encasement makes you less of a star. If a star in the firmament had a veil around it, would it then deny its starness? No matter what, a star shines. No more should you deny your light. Know your light right now. Know it, and you will shine it, and the whole world will sigh in relief.

Beloveds, it has taken you great effort not to blaze forth your light. You have put forth much energy into being a "mere" human being when you are an amazing Human Being. Do not be misled. Do not mislead yourself. Do not mislead the world. Do not let the world mislead you. You are a star in the firmament of Heaven. That you have been dropped into a body and shipped to Earth does not take away from your light except in your perception. Change your perception.

When I say you are a Divine Light on Earth, you can believe Me. Do not believe anything that would say you are less than My Divine Light. You have interpreted your physical body as a disguise, or you would not digress from the sparkling assignment I have given you. You would unabashedly shine My light on Earth. You would shine so no one would be fooled. You would shine so you would not be fooled. There has been enough being fooled on Earth. Are you not ready for Truth now? Are you not ready to lift the wand of your heart and sprinkle light on Earth?

You can do it. Right now, you can do it.



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