HEAVEN #2369 Department of the Universe

God said:

Consider that you wear a badge on Earth that says Customer Service, Department of the Universe. When you recognize that this is your role on Earth, you are enlightened. You are not here for yourself. You are here for others. You are here to serve others. You are God's customer service representative. You are not the one who expects the world to serve him. You are one who serves. You are one who makes life easier and better for others.

You show others the ropes. You reveal the blossoming world. By your life, you point out the sights. You become the revelation, beloveds.

You are a like a tailor who helps to make things fit.

You are like a cab driver who takes people where they want to go.

You are like a weaver at the loom, and you weave what wanderers on Earth want. You find the yarn, and you find the colors, and you weave wonders.

You are like a streetlight that people can light their cigarettes under or read a map by.

You are like the docent at a museum, only you don't talk much. You adore the art, and so others follow your eyes, and they adore the art.

You are the piano player who plays the piano, not for pay, but for pleasure, for the pleasure of others, and, by so doing, he lives joy. It is a mutual favor to play a tune for the universe. He who plays the piano listens to his own music. He reveals and revels. He makes music.

As My customer service representative, you are genial, and you meet everyone with a smile. You give great customer service. You put all at ease. You listen, and you serve. You fill orders. You give customer satisfaction. You never forget that you are My representative. You are not self-serving. You know what you are here on Earth for. You are a dispenser of joy. Like a candy machine, you give out sweetness.

You are like a road-repairer. You make the road smoother for others.

Whatever others' true needs are, you fill. You walk over no one. You consider everyone. You go way beyond time and place. You are a universal server. You are a flight attendant. You are the pilot of the plane as well. You are the captain of an ocean liner.

You are the one who prepares a meal and serves it. You sit down and eat too, and yet the food was not made for yourself. You honored Me with your preparation of the meal you prepared and served to others. You have always made a place for Me at your table.

You drive Me around in your car. You take Me everywhere. You show Me the sights proudly. You show off My constituency. You say to Me as We walk along:

"Here are Your people, God. Here is the world You have made. I am taking good care of it for You. In reality, You, God, are My customer. You are My employer and My customer. In truth, I serve only You. Everyone I serve is You. I do not forget it. I see Your shining light everywhere I go. I see Your shining light in everyone's eyes. I cannot help but represent You, and I cannot help but serve You with all the love in which You hold Me and every other Being on Earth. And so I represent Myself. You and I are One and the Same, and so is everyone I am privileged to serve, and so is everyone who is privileged to be served by me.

"In Your name, God, I serve."


Liza Elliott 31st May 2014 9:19 am

How wonderful is this!!! Posted in 2007, read in 2014!
Perfect then, Perfect now. Simply perfect!!!

Love and Light!


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