HEAVEN #2371 Stay Close to Your Heart

God said:

There are certain people, certain events, certain situations, certain things you read or hear about that stir the depths of your heart to heights of happiness. They may be little things, an aroma, a recipe, the color of the sky, a bird singing, clothes flapping on the line, the rays of the sun falling on your floor, the wind blowing the leaves, a child's face, the grace of an arm, the house across the street, the palm of your hand, even the sound of traffic passing by can lift your heart. There are people in those cars, and they are going somewhere, and so your joy goes with them too.

There is no end to the list of what stirs your heart. Stay close to your heart. Stay close to your list. If a walk gives you happiness, walk more often. If flowers do, associate with flowers. If cooking does, cook. If looking out the window stirs your heart, look out the window. Why is this a great revelation – to associate more with that which you like, to associate more with those who stir your heart with joy.

You also easily know what sinks your heart. Bad news does not lift your heart. Causes do not lift your heart. The more dire, the less your heart is lifted. There are emails you don't want to open because the title tells you something dire was sent to you to read.

Gossip doesn't uplift you. You may spend time with down-mouthed people without benefit to them or you. If you are missing out on joy, beloveds, you have made a choice to miss out on it. Perhaps you have thought it your duty to enjoy less and suffer more. .

This is your life, beloveds. Spend your life on what gives you joy. This is so obvious yet so overlooked. Forget about what you are supposed to feel, and feel what you feel. Gravitate towards that which enlivens your heart.

If you do not yet know what your passion is, spend more time with the little things that give you joy, and your passion will announce itself.

Of course, you want to live with passion. You are not meant to be indifferent to life. Life is not to be so-so. Beloveds, this life is an adventure you are on. Make it so. Even if you are confined to a bed, your life can be filled with joy. Your mind and heart are not confined. Regardless of your overall situation, enjoy the snippets of joy. If joy is a flower, pick it.

Whatever the main circumstance of your life, you can find joy within it. It depends a great deal upon what you are looking for. Look for those tiny delights, and have more of them.

What gives you joy? Find out.

It is not selfish to be joyful, for joy is never kept to yourself. Joy makes more joy. .

Cultivate the idea that you are meant to be joyful. You are not meant to be anything else. This one idea alone will revolutionize your life.

I tell you right now: Joy is mandatory. Joy is a commandment I give to you. Be joyful. Sing your song of joy to the High Heavens. There is no other song Heaven loves as well as this. Did you really think there was?

Joy is your privilege. It is your blessing. It is your responsibility. And it is your choice. Joy, joy to the world. Rejoice in the world I have made. Choose today that which gives you joy. If the ocean is your joy, well, then, spend time at the beach.



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