HEAVEN #2373 Beautiful

God said:

Sunshine is good. Rain is good. The secret is to be happy regardless of the weather. This is how to win the jackpot of life. Once again, I reiterate that life, your life, is not made of what occurs in it. Your life is made of you. It is made of what you make of it.

Were you born as royalty or born as pauper, life is not always a mere flick of the wrist. Rich or poor, life gives you blessings, and it also blesses you with that which you are to rise above. This is what life is, is it not? A mixture of colors? Your assignment is to stir all the colors of your life together and have them come out gold. You are the interpreter of your life. As you see life today, tomorrow you build on it. You can only build on your life as you see it. See well, beloveds.

Consider that you are a brick layer when it comes to your life. You can only place one brick on top of another. You cannot skip rows. You have to place a new brick on the one that came before. What your creation looks like depends on how well you balance one brick on top of the other. What you build does not depend upon the appearance of each brick but rather on how you put them together.

Or consider your shoes. Their value depends upon how you think of them. You polish and wear the shoes you favor. Your shoes sparkle according to the attention you put on them. You may push other shoes to the back of the closet, and so you orphan them. They may not be your prettiest, but they are shoes, and they are at your service. It is good to value all your shoes, is it not? Or why keep them? Of course, you can give them away. You do not need to harbor them.

It is better to honor each day of your life and each event in it rather than keep a scrapbook of it.

Beloveds, your days are like children holding hands, and you are the children's teacher. Your schoolchildren dance happily under your direction. They exceed your expectations when you look favorably upon them. You can always look favorably upon them. Do you see the degree to which you must?

Children come in many sizes and shapes. Some are easier for you to love than others. Still, you are aware of the value and necessity to love all children. You know it is a great thing to have children. You know that each has a purpose in this world. Sometimes you are disappointed, and sometimes your children astonish you with their brilliance, and so, love your days the same. The days are the children of your heart.

Life isn't just something that comes at you. It is not merely dropped at your door. You are the one who receives it and makes it what it is. You are the main ingredient of your day. It is as if your day is a ball the universes tosses to you. It comes as it comes, yet you are the one who catches it! Let it be a spectacular catch. The ball of the day is now in your hands, and now it is for you to throw it high. Let your day rise to great heights. Let your day resound through the world, and, indeed, name it Beautiful.



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