HEAVEN #2374 The Summer of Your Life

God said:

Whatever your heart is aching about, it doesn't have to. Aching hearts are perturbed hearts. It is not some great thing to have an aching heart. It is not a preventive nor is it a cure. Whatever ache your heart carts around, it spills over onto the world. Your heartache is like rain that falls and reaches many.

Your heart does not have to ache. It is not a mandatory condition of life that your heart ache and therefore need to be soothed. Your heart does not have to be so affected by whatever enters or exists in your world. Ache does not have to dominate your heart. You do not need to harbor ache in your heart. Your heart is not intended for hurt. Your heart is for bigger things than common ache.

Has not your heart been aching? It may be easy for your heart to be bruised. If your heart has been bruised, you do not have to keep looking at the wound nor touching it. The very tenderness of your heart is to make your heart resilient. Let your beautiful heart empty itself of ache. Be not heart-sore. Let your heart be tender and not bruited by every wind that blows. Beloveds, do not manufacture heartache. Do not be receptive to it. Do not encourage it. Do not think you have to have it.

An aching heart does not make you a hero or heroine. When the engine of your car sputters or stalls, you do not think it is a wonderful drama to be upheld. Your car simply is not behaving. You take it in to be fixed as quickly as possible.

Consider heartache rust, and remove it as soon as possible. There is nothing great about having rust.

A broken heart? You say your heart is broken? Well, then, beloveds, put the two pieces back together without further ado.

Your heart may be tender, but it is also mighty. Let your heart be soft, and let it bend, and let it not injure itself. Let your heart bask in joy, not injury. Let not your heart be like the princess in the story of The Princess and the Pea. Rather, let your heart be like The Little Engine That Could.

Do not be a bleeding heart who takes everyone's woes unto itself. That is not valor. Hearts are not meant to snivel. They are not meant to be weak sisters. Hearts are meant to be brave. Your heart is meant to be brave. Your heart is not to be sidetracked into pitifulness. When you pity yourself or another, you are not doing justice to your heart. Life is not meant for suffering, nor is your heart, nor is another's. Let all hearts get up off the couch of commiseration and start walking across green fields.

Your heart is meant to be a charger that leaps over fences. It is meant to be the lead singer in a band. It is meant to be a flag-bearer. It is meant to be the prow of a great ship. Your heart was never meant to be weak-kneed. You may have pulled in somewhere, hooked your heart up to a tank of woe, and pumped woe. Beloveds, hook your heart up to joy, and fill it to the brim.

Your heart is your God-connection. Connect your heart to Mine then and not to woe.

You are meant to get up and rise now to the fullness of life. Live a heartfelt life and not one of tragedy nor melodrama. The way a dog shakes off water from his coat, shake off any dismalness from your heart.

You are entering a higher realm now, so enter. Leave heartache behind. There is no good use for it. The summer of your life is here now. Leave everything behind. Take nothing but joy with you. What else is there for you to do?.



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