HEAVEN #2375 A Golden Waterfall

God said:

Opportunity is on your right, and opportunity is on your left. You are surrounded by opportunity. You may have to see opportunity several times before it dawns on you what you have seen. Opportunity is often a tiny bud, and you have to be wide-eyed to see it. Be observant. Look for opportunity in every nook and cranny. Look for a different vantage, and your eyes will see what they have missed before. It was always there, only you didn't see it. It was right in front of you, and you walked right past it.

It is not true that opportunity knocks only once. Opportunity knocks all the time. It's just that you have to go to the door. You have to open it, and say, "Welcome. Come right in."

Sometimes opportunity is dressed differently from the way you thought it would be. It wasn't in disguise. Rather, your expectation was too limited. Sometimes opportunity comes to the back door, and you may think its' too much trouble to get up. You won't even hear it knocking until your mind is open, not closed. You may have thought there was a draft at the door when it was opportunity trying to catch your attention.

Sometimes something occurs that you see as a downfall. You may feel you have lost something when, in actuality, you are being presented with an opportunity royale. If you lost your job, you feel this as a blow when really it is more likely a snow plow clearing the way for you. When you see a snow plow, you don't see it as a loss. Why do you see what clears the way for you as loss?

Pay attention to all the signs that life presents you with. Beloveds, everything that is presented to you is an opportunity. You are always presented with the opportunity to grow. You are always being presented with the opportunity to see in new light. You are always being presented with the opportunity to see from a new vantage. First, improve your vision, and then your life will change dramatically.

Do not weigh every decision. Decisions cannot always be made on the basis of logic. Logic doesn't know enough. Or you ask the wrong question of it.

Remember when I told you that you were to watch for opportunities to give? If a piece of paper appears on the floor, it's for you to pick up. Opportunity is just like that. It can be little. It doesn't have to be big. It doesn't have to be perfect. It's there, all right, it's just that you have to see it. Opportunity is always there. Opportunity wants you to see it. It is there for you.

Beloveds, what opportunity do you want to see?

At the same time as opportunities like to surprise you, they also like to be sought after. Opportunities are often like apples on a tree. You have to reach up and pluck them.

Or opportunities are like stars in the firmament, and you have to look up at them and choose which one you want to alight in your palm like a butterfly. Or choose many! Let them spin around in your hand like diamonds. Ah, that's it, beloveds. Mine for diamonds. You are not mining for discouragement. You are not mining for gravel nor for dust that will sift away. Diamonds have light you can see through. Opportunity does not have to present itself as solid gold.

Let your opportunities be like molten gold. Let opportunity flow like a golden waterfall that you slide down joyously.



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