HEAVEN #2376 Like a Night Sky Filled with Stars

God said:

You are vibrating to a higher consciousness now. It was inevitable, and now you are here, you who have thought you were on a long winding path that would always stretch into the future. It's here now. Accept this new energy with alacrity. Do not evaluate it. Simply accept it as yours.

This is what you have been waiting for, and now you want to analyze it? Just accept. Say thank you. Say thank you to yourself for accepting it.

You and the better world you desire have been running to meet each other. And now you and your desire have bumped into each other, and all that you desire has been accomplished.

This is your destiny, beloveds. This vibration is your destiny.

You are living your destiny. Your life is changing now the way you change a radio station. You are getting clearer reception. There is nothing to it. You turn a dial. Nothing to it at all. And yet, with this slight change, you will hear beautiful new music, music you wanted to hear, music that wanted to be heard. This is synchronicity. This is harmony.

More light is alighting in the world, and it is alighting on you. It is like I have blown a blessing, and you have caught it. I have breathed blessings on you. I have dubbed you what you always were, and it is now that you stand up. You will see that you do stand taller, not from effort nor dint of will, but because you are reaching your full height. All that you have desired is right before you. You have gone up one step, and stepped into the light I shine on you.

It was your turn to step onto the plate. It always was. Now that you have this new energy, now you will reflect it so that all the world may see. You are a reflector of the One Great Sun. You are the reflection of the Sun Itself. When you reflect the Sun, what can you reflect but the Sun's brightness? Surely, there is nothing else you would like to reflect.

Like Columbus, you have discovered a new world. Only the world was always there. So you have not discovered a new world. You just have seen it for the first time. For the first time, you see where you have come from, you see where you are, and you see where you are going. You are going straight to My heart. You are accepting the blessings I have been sending for a long time, and yet My blessings are as fresh as ever. No preservatives are needed.

What is this light you are accepting? It is My Love, of course. Heretofore, you have accepted some of My light of love, and now I continue to relay all of it to you. This is My quintessential love. I never saved it, for I could not keep it to Myself. You saw only a small part of My love, and mistakenly thought that was all there was. In fact, let's face it, sometimes you thought you had been denied My love, as though I did not really give it and you had been cheated

And now your heart has opened wider, and now your heart can accept all that is earmarked for it. Now your heart is like a sponge that absorbs it all. Yet your heart needs no squeezing, for your heart is also like a fireworks display that goes off every second. Your heart is also like a night sky filled with stars, each one winking and blinking love for all to see.



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