HEAVEN #2381 Dance of the universe

There is not one thing in your life that is not interconnected with another. Nothing is disconnected. You simply do not see the interwoven threads. You see events and people as separate strings when not even one string is separate. You simply do not see the weaving of the threads of life. You see the tips of the threads. Every once in a while you may see a few threads looped together.

There is not a sight you see, a thought you have, a deed you do that is not pulled tight. There is no loose weaving. There are no loose ends.

It may seem to you that there was a big bucket filled in Heaven with assorted odds and ends, and that the contents of the bucket were simply dropped randomly on Earth. And somehow you, amongst the contents, were dropped somewhere for no known reason. Certainly, you can make no sense of the world you find yourself in. Certainly, from the straight line of logic that you go by, you can't see the sense of it. You see a mess of separateness.

I see a United Whole. You see wild cards. I see continuity. I see a continuum of energy in one big dance of the universe. You see hodge-podge. You simply cannot see, beloveds.

To see, you would have to peek under the covers. You would have to change your position. You would have to be open to the possibility that your sight is limited, that it touches only the surface. It is as if you see flashing lights and do not see what is in between and behind the flashing lights. Or We could say you see only one end of the candlestick. Or we could say you are not conversant in the language of the Universe. You read individual words, so to speak, and yet are not able to put them together to form a coherent whole.

There is not one leaf in the universe that is not part of you. There is not one leaf in the universe that does not affect you. Conversely, there is not one leaf, one tree, one day, one sunset, one sentient being that you do not affect, Face it, all on Earth are in this together. No one rides in a separate lifeboat. You all heave-ho together. We all heave-ho together.

You have not yet conceived of the magnitude of the playground you play in. All the workings are not automatic. You can make the rides start and stop. You can determine which amusement park to go to and the ride you go on. You can decide the name of the amusement park you are in. You are the conjurer, and, all the while, you wonder how any of this is possible.

Beloveds, what you experience comes from the caliber and interweaving of all the thoughts on the plane of human existence. Yet you can experience the same configuration differently than you presently do. That must be so, or you would be an automaton without any say. You don't have all the say, yet you have some say. You have all the say about what you will make of the ride you are on. There are no holds barred when it comes to your perception. If there are seven ranges of perception, let's say, you have plenty of movement within them.

You are on a ladder. You can climb up it or down it. You can look up. You can look down. You can go frontwards, backwards. You could even put your feet up and your head down,

Consider yourself the world's baton. It matters how you twirl yourself.



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