HEAVEN #2382 An Indefinable Something I

God said:

Be with people who make you want to be a better person in the world. Be with people whose very presence makes you aspire to be greater. The people I am talking about do not require that you want to rise. There is no sense of obligation. There is not even a request to you to expand your horizons. It is that simply by their presence, you feel something good, and you want more of it, and you want to be it. You want to be like these people who somehow, by their very being, increase your worth to yourself.

They are not flatterers. They do not talk a good game. They do not have to speak a word. Because their vision is greater, you begin to see beyond what you have seen, and you want to see greater and be greater too. You want this feeling in your heart that their very presence and your thoughts of them bring to you. Because their eyes sparkle, you want yours to sparkle too. That they exist, makes you want to exist too, makes you want to radiate the light they have somehow seen you in and held you in.

This wanting to be like others you admire is not new to you. But now we are talking about a different level of admiration. You are not after their prowess nor their stature. You are not after their hair style. You are not after their mode of walking. You are not after their wealth nor fame nor ambience in the world. You are after the quiet something they emanate that you cannot define. You cannot put your finger on it, but there is an invisible something that you want more than you have ever wanted anything else. It has to do with your heart and your vision. You may be surprised to find out that you have aspirations greater than the ones you knew.

Because you cannot put your finger on this makes this indefinable something all the more powerful. You cannot even hold on to the thought of this indefinable something. All you know is that you want it, crave it, must have it, must become it.

You are blessed when you come across someone who somehow, without trying, seems to raise your level of consciousness.

Christ was such a one. All the greats were. It was not what they did. It was beyond any miracles they performed. It was beyond anything they said or did. It was their Being. It was their effortlessness. It was how their eyes fell on you, yet it was much more than that. It was more like how they saw Me in you, and so you begin to look for Me in you as well. You want to come as close to Me as you can.

These people who inspire you to greatness do not have to be Christ-like. They do not have to have a name. They just are, and somehow they enter your life. Indefinably, they open the louvers of your mind, and more light shines in.

Babies can do this, bring out sweetness that you commonly withhold. Their innocence brings this out in you. And what is innocence, beloveds? It is a non-judgment. And yet it is more than that. It is purity, and yet it is much more than that. It is something more.

Music can bring this tremolo of greaterness into you. Nature can. There are moments in the woods when you feel the electricity of such a simple greatness that you almost see the invisible, and this makes you want to be visible on the Earth as one who is powerful in great simplicity.



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