HEAVEN #2383 An Indefinable Something II

God said:

The people who more than lift your spirits are not trying to lift your spirits. They have not decided to. What they do or convey is far beyond any thinking. They simply see further than you. They vibrate a higher frequency. You don't have a name for it, yet you know higher when you feel it. Feel it more often. Go where it is.

These people who by their presence cause you to aspire, they wish you well, of course, but you are not their agenda. I am their agenda. Their attention is not on you. Their attention is on Me. They are not doing anything. They are being. And they are being what you can be too, and what, in your deepest heart, you desire to be. They do not have a cause in the relative world. Their cause is God. I am most often in their awareness. I do not say I am most often in their thoughts, because thoughts are little next to awareness. Yet thoughts of Me are better than thoughts of the countless things you think about. And yet I am beyond thought, beloveds.

And yet these people who offer more of Me do not always have conscious awareness of their awareness. They may not know the light they shine, yet they know the light I cast. So they are aware and unaware, and are innocent, as innocent as you. They do not know how many they have blessed, any more than you do.

What these people have is a desire to serve, not because it is virtuous, not because of anything but their heart's drive to serve. It is like honeyed milk runs through their veins. It is like with every breath they are breathing "Serve." Their hearts beat a beautiful refrain:

"Serve God. Serve humanity. Serve the Earth. Serve the Universe. Serve God. Serve in whatever capacity I can. Let me rise above fault. Let me see goodness. Let me be goodness. Let me be a blessing to all,. Let me not take up much space in the Universe, and let me reach far. Let me not be occupied with myself. I want to be more than my individual self. I want to be in God's image. I want to sow light on the world. I want to pick up the world in my arms and forget about myself. I know I am not here on Earth for myself. I know that I am here on Earth for greater than myself. And so let me not be self-serving. Just let me serve. Let me find every opportunity to serve from the heart of God. Let my thoughts be high, and my service high. Let me be a blessing to God. I am of God's Will. Let me always know what God's Will is, and be it."

These people do not make themselves subservient. Not at all. Serving is not subservient. This is not servitude. This is serving, They serve Me. They serve on high. And so My Will is served, and you are served.

They serve unwaveringly. However they are looked at or treated, they react on a high level. It is like they pick up offenders in their arms and carry them to Heaven. They leap tall buildings of another's despair. They surmount the obstacles of lesser consciousness. They rise above. It is natural for them to do so. They can only do so, for, you see, they are serving Me. In serving Me, they do not feel the pinpricks of ego. Perhaps they did once, and now no longer do, or no longer let their attention go there.

Perhaps this is you right now.



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