HEAVEN #2384 Dream State

God said:

How beautiful is the world with you in it. The world is a cushion you sit on. It is right that you are here now. Every seat is taken. This is just right. Perfect. There is a dance formation, and then a shift. The world is twirling. It is building to a great crescendo of love. And you are here, sitting on a cushion. An artist could paint this scene with you in it. Without you, the picture would not be quite the same. You do make a difference. You do heighten the colors. You are integral. All is essential. There is nothing non-essential.

You are part of a panorama. You are part of a mural that moves at the speed of light. Or it is you who is moving, or is it everything? In any case, you whiz by. All in the relative is fleeting. Nothing is stationary.

Sometimes life does not seem real to you. The reality is that it is not. This is 3-D vision. You wear goggles. You have taken a non-truth serum, and, like all the other who dream, you dreamed the dream you are in to be true. You do not know the difference between asleep and awake. When you are in dream state, you are in dream state. Wherever you are, you see from where you are.

Yet truth is catching up with you. The less real that life may seem to you, perhaps the more you are grasping reality. Perhaps when you hold on to nothing, you begin to see that there is nothing in the world to hold on to. Only love is worth keeping, and yet love can not be kept. It must flow. Nothing in the world is meant to stagnate. Life is meant to be alive, and that means movement.

Whatever position you have taken in life, now you move on to another position. You cannot sit in one place. You have to get up and move. There are larger rooms for you to enter now. If you have been lingering in the antechamber, now you move to the main salon. You can't sit still. You can't sit on your laurels. There is more to life than you presently have in your pocket.

You cannot figure life out ahead of time. You have to get up and go out to the battlefield, so to speak. You have to get up and out of your old self. This is a new day, and you, too, are to be new. The old served you once, and now new will serve you better. The past cannot be repeated, and why would you want it to? Even a sweet moment past lacks the lustrous liveliness of a sweet moment now.

Thoughts of a ride around town are fine, yet, If you wish to traverse the world, get moving. Yes, your mind can travel far, yet not when it stays in the same place.

If you want to be young again, then think new thoughts. Dare to.

Do not feel that you have to close gaps. No. Leap them. Jump across the pond. Beloveds, you simply cannot stay as you once thought you were. Thoughts are wonderful things, yet thoughts are not enough. If you want to climb a mountain, start climbing. Venture forth. Get out of the house of your old thinking. Tin may have been shiny once, but now it is clearly only tin.

Yesterday's newspaper is not current. Beloveds, do not be old news. Break out of the boundaries you have jerry-built around yourself. Say hello to the new you just waiting off stage. Bring the new you out front now.



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