HEAVEN #2385 Traverse the Universe

God said:

We are going to traverse the Universe together, you and I. We are pulling up stakes, and entering a new dimension. To go somewhere, you have to leave somewhere. We are leaving the past now. It's easy to do. We just leave it. You leave it, just the way you left childhood, just the way you left adolescence, just the way you rode in one tram instead of another, just the way you worked in one place instead of another, just the way a parade marches down the street and turns a corner. What are corners for if not to traverse?

We have already turned the corner, beloveds, you and I. We are already walking down a new street.

It may not have been announced that you were leaving where you had been, but leave you have, and leave you must. You may not have known you were leaving. One day you look over your shoulder, and you see that you have turned many corners, and now, and now, beloveds, there is no turning back. And why would you? Why would you?

There is always a point of no return. This is a good thing. You cannot turn back the imaginary clock. You cannot resurrect the dead as they were, as you were, as you once thought you were, they were, life was. There is solely to be. And you do that irrespective of where your body is placed in so-called time and space.

You are an adventurer. You are a space traveler even when there is no space. You are a time traveler, even when there is no time. There is no time to run out of. There is no space to traverse. And yet, even so, We, you and I, are going to traverse the Universe together. Hand in hand, We travel down a road not yet traveled. We travel down a road not built yet. We are the Makers of the road, even though no road is needed.

We cross non-existent streets. We climb non-existent stairways to the stars. We do this in one bound. We leap from star to star. We are light-footed. We have no feet. We need no feet. We need stars, and yet, we do not need stars, for We already have them, and they have Us, and there is no having. There is only Being.

We are everywhere and nowhere. There is nowhere to be, only to be.

When you have had your fill of water, you are no longer thirsty. The thirst is satiated.

What more need have you of anything, beloveds, except to drink in the stars and drink in thoughts of Me? Plaster yourself with thoughts of Me. Wake up in the morning hearing Me say, "We are going to traverse the Universe together."

That is what we have been doing. That is what We have been up to. Even as there is no doing, We have been up for new corridors to walk down, new corridors to be in, to imagine We are in. We are butterflies, and We have new flowers to alight on and drink from in an ecstasy of sweetness. Do you not think that the flowers enjoy the butterflies drinking their nectar? The flowers are like mothers, happy to nourish. It is no accident that Mother Earth is called Mother Earth. Which came first? Which came first? The butterfly's need to drink or the flower's to give?

You have temporarily alit on Earth. From a branch in Heaven, you have alit on a branch on Earth, and now you jump from branch to branch, even though there is no branch to jump to and no branch to jump from, for in being, there is only Being. And We be, beloved, We be.



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