HEAVEN #2386 Staying on Course

God said:

As you come closer to your heart, you are touched by many things, yet, at the same time, your focus is not on emotion. You respond less from emotion, and you respond less to emotion. You do not take offense easily. You do not try to assuage other's minute sensitivities so much either. You are more focused on serving Me, and what that means is to be more cognizant of fulfilling a project. No longer do you get so waylaid, beloveds, caught up in what others may be caught up in. You have a target in mind, and so you move toward the target. And, in so doing, you create greater coherence for all involved.

Instead of focusing on feelings, you focus on something higher. Feelings matter, yet feelings recede when it comes to matters of service to Me. What is the point of little disputes and personal hurts and bewilderments and suggestions and ideas taking precedence when there is a job at hand you are doing for Me? I tell you squarely, beloveds, you do have a job to do for Me, and you may be sure I do not deploy you to support nor placate digressions of personal emotions. Personal emotions are secondary to the project itself. Peripheral emotions disburse when you focus on a project for Me.

Consider you are rowing a boat for Me. However many row the boat, each rower rows the boat in rhythm to the stars. Rowers do not divert themselves from rowing. If one rower feels the boat should be going in another direction, it behooves all to listen to the suggestion and not to the emotion. In this way, you change direction or not, and you keep rowing all the while, and you keep getting closer to the heart of things and less distracted by individual palpitations. You stay on course. You do not become fragmented.

Consider you are building a tower. You cannot get sidetracked. If you get sidetracked, the tower you build will be built askew.

Consider you are a team of acrobats performing a feat. In the middle of the feat, one acrobat does not give in to personal preference, or all the acrobats will tumble. No one is focused on emotion. All are focused on one supreme act.

Consider a team of surgeons performing an operation. The team is focused on the surgery. If one surgeon thinks of another way to succeed in the midst of the operation, he does not insist that everyone go along with his suggestion, for all are focused on the surgery. The operation does not halt because of one doctor's inclination. The doctors do not get distracted by personal emotion nor spend a moment's thought on the politics of the situation. All can listen. Meanwhile, no one stops operating. The issue doesn't become someone's expressed desire. Nothing intrudes upon the completion and success of the operation.

You are trying to solve a math problem. Whether alone or in a group, your concern is to solve the math problem. It is not how you might prefer it to be solved. It is not how much you feel you are right. It is about solving the problem. It is the solution you are after. Not your solution, not deference to your emotions or someone else's emotions, for emotions are set aside for the moment. They do not run the show.

In this way, you are not disjointed. You are not going on tangents. The issue right now is not how you feel but on a collective adventure.

You are on the Oregon Trail. The question is: How do we get to Oregon? The question is not: Who has a solution, whose idea it is, who is right, and who is mistaken.

You are the captain of the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria on the way to the New Land. You use the telescope to sight land, and not for anything else.



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