HEAVEN #2392 Have you noticed the sun?

God said:

What is it that you think is missing from your life?

Perhaps it is your appreciation of it.

Perhaps you have overlooked the beauty of your life. Perhaps you underestimate your life.

No perhaps about it. If you do not love your life, then you have underestimated it. You found life guilty of not being what you wanted, and so you sentenced yourself to an indefinite term of something akin to despair.

What have you not noticed this morning, beloveds? Have you noticed how the sun lights up one side of the trees, shows you the delicacy of leaves, how light penetrates the leaves, makes them a great painting? Have you forgotten this intimacy of the sun and the leaves? The leaves are like butterflies that suck the sweetness from the sun, and the sun is happy, and the leaves are happy.

Does not that same sun fall on you? And if somehow you are in a dark cell, can you remember the sun and how it approaches the day, and therefore admit the sun into your cell, and no longer have darkness?

Whatever your position in the world, the selfsame sun serves you.

Feel My love now, beloveds, and wallow in it. Soak up My love. You know that steel bars do not prevent Me. Nothing whatsoever prevents Me. Pull up the Venetian blinds of your heart, and let Me in, let Me in to your awareness, for it is solely your awareness that can be missing. I am not missing. I do not run in and out of your heart. I am stationed in your heart like a sentry, and I never fall asleep. I have not a body that requires sleep. I am like the sun. What vacation could I possible need? And where would I want to be more than I want to be - and am - in your heart?

I am firmly established. I am a flower growing in your heart. See the petals of love open and blossom. They keep getting bigger and bigger. You are My own true love, and My heart blooms within yours. I pull a chain, and My light goes on in your eyes. What a difference I make to your eyesight when your eyes see out of Mine. The world changes before your very eyes. Oh, beloveds, what love can do. Tell Me what love cannot do. You cannot think of anything, for there is nothing that can withstand My love.

Because you cannot fathom the depth and breadth of My love doesn't mean you don't have it.

Perhaps you have been looking for absence of love more than you have been looking for its presence.

Love is My favorite topic. Let it be yours as well. Set My love like a clock on the mantelpiece of your heart. The clock of My love knows not time, unless you call Eternity time. Of course, Eternity extends far beyond time. Eternity is in the Everland that knows no boundaries. Eternity hums but does not tick-tock.

Your heart is My home. It is My palace. What can My home be but a house of love? What can your heart be but My love itself?

Would you really keep My love hidden from your heart of awareness? Come, introduce your heart to My presence within it. Say How do you do to My heart within yours. Come, let's get acquainted. Listen to the beat of My heart. My love flows through your veins. My love astonishes itself as it flows from the heart of blessed Beings on Earth, High Beings on Earth, My blessed children on Earth. Come, recognize the power that is within you, and let it come out. Let it be seen. Accept happiness, beloveds. Accept.



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