HEAVEN #2402 Walk on Water

God said:

You lead two lives. You lead your simple human life with all its bumps, and you lead a soul life with its simplicity and unyielding service to Me. No matter who you are, no matter what your human life may seem like, your soul is Mine, and it is beautiful and true.

Spiritual service to Me is not limited to human activity. What the world calls saint and what the world calls sinner are the world's perception, not Mine. Let Me put it this way. Those whom you perceive as saints are simple human beings. Those whom you perceive as sinners are also simple human beings. Earth life and soul life do not always coincide. You already know that things may not be what they seem. You may see someone or something one way, either in a good light or bad light, and find out that you are mistaken. You bank on someone or something, and you are let down. Conversely, your mind may discard someone or something, and later you find out their beauty and reliability. You let your conscious or subconscious evaluation of outer appearance turn you off. And so your estimations aren't worth much, except to you, of course, so long as you have them.

The surface often does not always reflect the inner. In fact, even in the best circumstances, in the best portrayal of human beings on Earth, what you see is flimsy next to the true value of their soul life. At best, you can only see an approximation. Even the representations of the true Great Ones were a drop in the bucket. Even with Christ and Mohammed and Buddha and all the spiritual heroes of the centuries, even with all their good works and gifts to the universe and their underlying great service to Me, you don't know the half of it. When it comes to anyone, you don't know the half of it.

When it comes to you yourself, you don't know the tenth of it. You see your aches and pains, your groans and moans, your annoyances and aggravations with yourself and others, and so you go by the false impressions of others and your own, and so you determine yourself more of a freeloader than a blessing on Earth.

No matter how many times and ways I tell you that you are a great soul and great blessing, you find it hard to believe. It seems you find it easy to believe the worst about you and hard to believe the best.

Beloveds, what if you would go by My premise instead of your own for one day, what glory might you see? You might begin to see the glory that you are. You would most certainly see the vaulted world with new eyes, and with new insight.

Before your very eyes, you would become the exalted Being that you already are and have discounted. You discounted the true picture because you didn't see it as true. You saw it as either your own wishful thinking or to what you attribute as My naivety or My positive thinking or My hyperbole, or My childlike view of the world and you who stand in it. You may even see yourself as a lost soul.

If you can see yourself in one light, can you not see yourself in another?

What if what I say is absolutely true? What I say is absolutely true. And now your ideas that are not based on Truth have to come tumbling down.

What if you are the beautiful light I say you are? Why would you hide that from yourself?

Want to know the difference between Christ and you? Christ believed Me. He walked the water on trust, beloveds. And so can you.



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