HEAVEN #2403 The Sun of God's Love

God said:

Perhaps you think I gave you an impossible task on Earth, to be a new-born babe, to be a great soul in a body in a world that emphasizes the physical and downplays the spiritual. You too will follow along with the crowd, forgetful of your soul's importance. Yet, stalked by a vague sense of your soul and its importance to you and the world, you lead two seemingly divergent lives, the physical seeming to downplay the spiritual and the soul unimpressed by the relative. Certainly, they seem to walk on two different sides of the street.

Surely your soul does not take your worldly life so seriously, or it would not be soul. And when you think of your soul's existence, you rather shrug your shoulders at it. And then you are told you are here for your spiritual existence, to recognize it and embrace it. Here you are, washed with forgetfulness and told to remember. It is like being given a race to run with one foot tied. Why were you given the handicap of forgetting when you are here to remember? What game is this?

Why couldn't you have the full joy of the material world and full joy of the spiritual in the first place? At least, why not now?

I ask the same question of you. Why not now? Why not now, body and soul, come out and shake hands, walk arm in arm, fully enjoying the two worlds as one? As it stands now, you do not always enjoy the physical world that you are so attached to. It has dug its claws into you while your spiritual life waits patiently for you to come to it of your own accord. Often you frown on your day-to-day life and are yet askance at the idea of this invisible spiritual life.

Of course, on another level, you fully participate in your spiritual life. Your soul is yours, after all, even though it leads a holy communal life on its own plane. In Heaven, no one thinks "my" soul, "your" soul. Soulness is perhaps too abstract for you as yet, just the way the concept of Oneness is. But setting that all aside for the moment, soul is magnificent. It is far-seeing and sees in all directions, and knows all. Yes, your soul, that portionless portion which you vaguely ascribe as yours.

There is one Grand Soul that you perceive somewhat. It is a Grand Communal Soul, often called God, and its very communality and commonality are all yours, and its power and glory are all yours and always at your disposal.

As you expose yourself to the Sun, you get a tan, beloveds. Little by little is fine, although there is a point when you get the full benefit of the Sun! The Sun was always there, and now it filters through to you. You fall asleep at the beach, and then you wake up, and nothing looks the same because you are tanned in Oneness. You can take your sunglasses off and see the Sun easily and see the whole environs of the Sun and how beautifully everyone and everything fits into the light of the Sun. The past has disappeared. The perceived world turned into Heaven. Where is Heaven anyway but in your consciousness? Not consciousness of but consciousness itself that leaves nothing outside of it.

We can call the full regalia of consciousness love. This is the radiating consciousness of the Sun. And this is where you have been all the time, even when you could not see it. Departure from the Sun of My love is not possible. Only when you are asleep can you dream this. And now you awake, and now you know where you are, and now you know Who you are. Now you know the splendor.



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