HEAVEN #2406 Your Spirit Dances

God said:

When you stand tall, you see more. When you stand tall, you are open to a greater vista. You see mountains of opportunity before you. You have more of life to select from. At the same time, you know there is only one choice to make, and that is to choose Me. Align with Me, and you stand tall. You rise high. Your spirit rises higher. Your spirit dances.

When you align with Me, less of your attention goes to the riff-raff of little thoughts. Aligned with Me, it is easier for you to let go of the past, to recognize its position in your life which is to recognize that it has no position at all. Oh, yes, of course, you may have framed it and put it up on your mantel, yet the past can never be more than a daguerreotype. The past is stiff and unyielding as it digs its claws into you. You cannot change it, although your memory paints pictures on it or tears off little pieces. Focusing on the past is like mending a pair of jeans that you cannot wear. There is nothing you can do to make them fit. They just aren't for you any longer. The styles have changed anyways.

Beloveds, you have given enough homage to the past, You have given too much. The imagined past isn't exactly your enemy, and yet your attention on it can hold you back. You cannot live your life going backwards. Come, jump aboard. Come wholeheartedly into the boat of today, and make it amenable. Secure this day by unbuttoning the past in your heart and letting it fly away into the stratosphere where the past belongs. Give it to oblivion. With the past out, you have more room for today and to enjoy today, not as a flashback, not as a comparison, but today as today, a brave companion who appears before you right now. Meet today with your full attention. Today is all you have, beloveds.

Do not mourn the passing of the past. Let go of it. Let go of all of it. It served you well, and yet it has moved on. Do not archive it. Throw out all those old papers. They get in your way. How much can you carry in your backpack anyway?

Give today all your space. See how smoothly today flows when you have not encumbered it with the insufferableness of your attachment to the past. When you hang on to yesteryear, you clog up today. Rather than hanging up the past in your closet, donate it to the Good Will. Don't even take pictures of this so-called past. The past is like minnows in a river. If you dam up the river, the water cannot flow and the minnows cannot go on their way. Let the minnows be free, and the river will flow with sunlight sparkling it.

When guests visit you, they have to leave sometime, and so it is with the past, a guest who is ready to leave. The past is a dated rubber stamp. Of course, you can use it again and again, but this stamp is meant to be used one time only. The stamps are dated. If you collect all the rubber stamps, it gets harder to find the one that is meant for today.

What is it that makes the past so precious to you that you want to keep it alive and draw conclusions from it? Loyalty is a wonderful trait, yet loyalty to the past is not wonderful. It is cumbersome. It is outdated. The past doesn't need you, and you don't need it. Enough reminiscing. Begin today now.



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