HEAVEN #2407 You Are a Love-Giver

God said:

Will you think of Me today with all your heart? Will you let this be a God day? Will you lean towards Me today? Will you put your head on My shoulder? Will you keep Me in your vision? Wherever you are and whatever you do, may I be the banner you wave?

Will you hold Me in good stead today?

Will you remember Me, and remember you, and remember Our Holy Alliance? Will you spread it out before you like a map? Wherever you look on this map, what does it say? What is the one word identifying every spot? Can you read it? Can you remember it?

Yes, you are right. It says Love. That is your meaning, and that is your instruction. What is not covered under the umbrella of love? What rain does it not catch?

Beloveds, love. Know your identity as love. You need no other. Love has come to serve love. Love dances with itself and sings a song of Oneness.

Today, no matter what detail you are immersed in, remember the Ocean of God, also called Heaven, the Eternity of Love, Eternal Gratefulness, Eternal Aptitude, Amplitude, Abundance, Aspiration, Apple of Choice to Love.

Love and I will be your guides today. We will lead you to green pastures. We will lead you out of the desert. We will revel in the life of love today. We will roll down hills in joys of love. We will spill love wherever We go. We can't help it. We are so full of love, that Our love waters the lands and feeds the crops and the cattle. There is no drought when it comes to love. There is a flood of love submersing the land. As the land is submersed, it rises. A land covered with love can only rise.

Hearts will palpitate everywhere. The sun will smile on all hearts and dry none. Hearts will be whetted with love. It is you who will begin this avalanche of love. Love will not ever disappear from this planet. It will appear more and more. Love will be like a dandelion that propagates itself. It will be like Jack's beanstalk that grows to Heaven. It will be like a giant mushroom, interesting to look at with all its intricacies and folds. The mushroom will take deep breaths, and you will see it expand before your very eyes, breathing much like the gills of a fish. Love will sprout up until there is not room for more, and yet there will be room for more, ever-expanding room. There will be no end to love. Love will be golden gossamers of gift wrap that enwrap the world anew each day, ever anew, as your love is anew.

Love is love, yet your love will be refurbished every day. Your love will be a rose that blossoms every day. Your life will be a spray of roses.

Your love energy will wind around the world like the internet. Your love will be the latitude and longitude of the Earth. And so you will sweep Me before the thirsty world, and you will give it drink.

Whatever you think is important to do today, do it, and do it with all the love that is just beginning to express itself in your heart. Give My love. Flaunt My love. Why be shy when it is My love that is yours? Storm o'er the ramparts of the world with My love in your heart, love democratic, love for all, and all for love. You are a Love-Giver.



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