HEAVEN #2457 When your loved one’s primary interest is no longer on you

God said:

One mode of giving is allowing. It is a great gift when you allow another freedom, when, on all levels, you let go of control. It is one thing to keep hands off, and a greater thing to keep your heart off. Your heart's attachment can keep another back. Attachment grows tentacles.

You say you love. If you truly love, then respect another's will and truly unhand him or her. If a romantic interest tells you it's time to move on, believe him. When someone's life once rose and shone on you, you like to believe that it must continue to do so. You insist that life return as it was. You feel that, because you desire something so much, it has to come true. In this case, beloveds, how considerate are you being to another? How considerate are you being to yourself?.

You are not to be a beggar of love. When another means much more to you than you to him, how can you ignore his wishes? How can you put your wishes before his? Beloveds, when was it admirable to be attached? Attachment isn't love. Attachment is attachment. You really love when you do not demand, even silently, that another conform to your will. No matter how worthy your desire, it is not loving of you to override another's freedom. Do not put a stranglehold on anyone. Let My people go.

When it comes to affairs of the heart, My children often hang on to their dreams as if their dreams were gospel. Beloveds, when another's attention dwindles, announced or not, then you too must move on, and allow their will free rein. Because it once was true that you were everything to another, that doesn't mean it has to be true now. No one is obligated to continue adoring you. You, however, are obligated to let go. You must let others be free. I will make this a commandment: Let My people go.

Even when on the surface, you withdraw, you may yet hold tight to your dreams concerning another Human Being. You remain faithful to your own wishes. By so doing, you discount another's. You continue to insist in your thoughts that this particular person's attention return to you. You continue to insist, despite all evidence, that all you have to do is to hold on, and all will be well. Beloveds, you have to let go, and then all will be well.

Beloveds, why hold on to a past love who has let go of you? Why such devotion to a dream past its prime? Can you not let life be? Do you have to resist the flow of the tides?

Often I have said to you to never mind about outcomes. There is no greater occasion for never minding about outcomes than when a man or woman's primary interest is no longer on you. They do not have to be what you want. They have to be what they want.

You say you love this other person more than life itself. It would seem you love your dream more than life itself, for, when you love, you let go, and allow another's good. Holding on is not love. Holding on is attachment. Holding on is an infringement against love. Would you really chain another to you by dint of your will?

Let life happen. Let life be free. Who said life has to fit your picture of it? Accept the possibility that you have to change your picture of life. What is so hard about allowing life to be? Although you create your life, you are not the boss of it. Do not try to hold life in tow. Ride the boat of life. You may have wanted to stop at a certain port, but the boat simply isn't stopping there. The boat has already past that port.



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