HEAVEN #2464 Like the Flow of a Great River

Don't mind so much when you feel sleepy. Sometimes it's hard for you to wake up. And sometimes it's hard for you to get to sleep. Either way you are disgruntled. It is you who sets the clock.. What if it's right when you feel sleepy, and right when you're wide awake? What if you don't see either one of these as an awful thing. What if it is perfectly all right to be awake, and perfectly all right to sleep? What would you mind about then?

What if you need all the sleep you crave, and what if you need all the wakefulness? Why do you say one is better one time and not another time? Must you be so regulated? What if everything is all right, just as it is?
As it is now, you fault yourself. I thought you were giving up on faulting yourself. I thought that from now on, you wouldn't think of fault at all. You would just love yourself. You would love yourself in sickness and in health, in sleepiness and wakefulness. You simply would just love yourself. You have spent too much of yourself thinking that something is the matter, when all is well.

What if you laid off attacking the world for its proclivities and enjoyed the world instead? For all that the world does not offer you, it offers you more. Avail yourself of the world's gifts. Don't pout at what you see as lacking in the world. A little boy put his finger in the hole in the dike in Holland, and so saved Holland from a flood. He saw a need and filled it. There is a need for you to no longer foster ill thoughts. Now do something about it. No longer hear them coming in. Fie on the news of the world. Make better news. When there is war, all the more reason for you to make peace with yourself.

Erase war with the power of your thoughts and with the power of your love. If you really don't want war, stop accepting it, stop believing in it, see through it. At the other end of war, there is, just as with you, a longing for peace. Can you believe in peace rather than war? Can you believe in your capacity to bestow peace?

War is not an absolute. Just as in junior high school, the children are unruly in one class and helpful in another. In one class, the children are seen as tyrants. In another, they are seen as the children they are.

Once and for all, let Me say that your purpose in the world is to give love without effort. If you did not fill yourself up with all the facts that you do, maybe then it would be easier for you to give love. Put fear, distrust, disturbance, despair, anger, hate - put all those things away, and arm yourself with love. The way to disarm your enemy is to make him a friend. If you cannot make him a friend, at least do not make him an enemy.

Abolish the whole idea of enemy. Make no one and nothing your foe. Not one concept your foe. Not one man. Not one country, for when you capture the idea of enemy, you stab yourself in the back.

Make not sleepiness your foe. Make not insomnia an enemy. Make not yourself an enemy but a friend. Be the friend you would like to have. Make friends with yourself. No more debates. Only understanding now, understanding of what it is to really give love endlessly, without a break, like the flow of a great river.


Mariù 24th August 2007 6:28 am

What a great message today! I really needed something like this today. So appropriate and so calming.

Why do you say one is better one time and not another time? Must you be so regulated? What if everything is all right, just as it is?

Yes, why? and what if? would simply be fantastic without the restrictions/rules and the uncomfortable feeling that comes from those.

I love the idea of flowing like a river.....

guest 25th August 2007 9:09 am

What a great message. My kids are going back to school on Monday and I was having all kinds of negative thoughts about the school system. Thanks so very much for this reminder to keep seeing love and perfection instead of lack and chaos. Christine


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