HEAVEN #2466 When Love Brings You Joy

God said:

Know that no matter how much and how deeply you love, it is tiny next to the love I have for you. I say this not to minimize the love you have for Me or anyone. I say this so you have an inkling of how great My love is, and that includes My love for you.

You cannot spread out your arms wide enough to encompass even a tiny per cent of My love for you, My love is infinite, immeasurable and eternal. My true love is you, and all the love that I engender is yours, yet, while you are on Earth, in your present state, your greatest love to give is still bounded. Your love is still conditional. Or let Me put it this way. Your love does not always bring you joy. My love and my joy are inseparable. Yours, your perceivable love, can fall apart.

You depend on love being a certain way, for you fear the loss of it. Because you depend, you demand, and so you block love. Love has to dance to its own tune, and yet, My beloved children see themselves as needing to receive more and more love in the world, and so they try to control love, try to make it look like their picture of it. Love does not fail, yet you think so when it doesn't live up to your precepts.

The only love you truly need to concern yourself with is the love in your own heart. That is the love you require. What love others give to you is not meant to be your substance. I know you know that, and yet you, with your bewildered heart, ask:

"But, God, what if it is that way for me? What if I do depend upon others' love for me, their demonstration of it, and my receiving it? I want to be independent of what others do or not do, and yet, when I do not see evidence of their love for me, I am bereft. It is truly as if my happiness does depend on another's affection for me and their repeated offering of it.

"God, as I say all this, I also know that no matter how much those I love (to the degree I am able to love) give to me, they cannot give me enough to quench my thirst. What thrilled my heart once, now is not enough. And so I ravage love with my insatiable desire for it. It is almost as if I do not believe in love, and so I need more and more proof of it.

"I would like to be otherwise. I do not want to suffer for love. I want joyous love from my heart to flow. I do not want to make demands on another's heart. I want to free them from my attachment, and still I clutch, and still I demand their show of love, as though their love were my sustenance. No matter what, they simply cannot give me enough.

"I do not know how to love when I do not feel loved back the way I want to feel loved back. Maybe my sadness is not from the thought of love ending but from my fear that love has not begun and that I will never know it. I feel Your love deeply, and yet, still, I crave more from those around me."

Beloved, begin by believing that you are loved and worthy of love. Accept that you are loved even in the spaces of silence. Open your heart, and never, no matter what, close it again. If you do not feel affronted, your heart will stay open, and your heart will melt in love until you know nothing else but the soft meltingness of love in your own heart, and that's what you crave, beloveds, the love in your own heart, for then your heart openly joins with Mine.




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