HEAVEN #2468 God Loves Us

God said:

You are My little dumplings. This is a term of affection. I would pinch your cheeks if I had the fingers to do so. But feel Me pinching your cheeks anyway, and see how you cannot keep from smiling.

I would pat your head. I would stroke your arm, everyone's arms, and I would hold you high, and we would dance to a song of the galaxies. I might never let you go. I might keep you clasped to Me for My enjoyment forever, to say nothing of yours. I might walk arm in arm with you all the way to Eternity. What else could We be doing anyway but taking a stroll on the avenue of life?

How would you feel if you knew I were holding you and would never let you go? How would you feel if you knew that? Differently, I daresay. The fact is I am holding you. At every moment, I hold you. And I never let you go.

Remember Our closeness, Remember Our Oneness. Your eyes will brighten. Your step will lighten. And your life will brighten and lighten, all because you feel the wholeness that you are. All because you feel your wholeness, your whole life will escalate in a lovely direction, ever onward and forward, and up and up and up!

I am your dearest Friend. I have great confidence in you, and yet I hover over you. I am like a mother duck who doesn't let her ducklings out of sight. Of course, the baby ducklings follow their mother who is always in plain sight. I am not in plain sight, my ducklings. I am invisible, yet I am discernible. I am never apart from you. I am much more than a portion of you. I am enthralled with you, and you with Me. Nothing comes between Us, yet you let distractions capture your attention. Let Me capture your attention. Let go of your fixation with other things, and come with Me. We are adventure-bound, You are safe with Me. Be safe in your awareness of Me, beloveds. Lengthen and deepen and widen your awareness. Never let Me out of your sight.

I am what you seek. You may think it is this and that which you crave, but it is singularly Me.

You have had the idea that I am at some sort of distance, or that I am not attainable, or not easily attainable, at least for you. The joker is that I am impossible not to attain, even though you don't have to attain what you already have. There is no separation, beloveds. Attain yourself.

I am contained everywhere. There is no possible place where I am not. No matter where you look, I am. Wherever you don't look, I am. Wherever you are, I am. There is no place where you are not. Whoever you think you are, I am. Whatever you think you are not, I am. I am the innermost atom of you. I am your DNA. I am your memory, and I am your motivator. I am that which is unchangeable, and yet your perception of Me changes. As your perception of Me grows, I become a greater and greater part of your life, but not part because I am all of it. I am not a role. I am all of it, just as you are all of it. There is not a particle of sand that is not I, and not a particle of sand that is not you. We are in this together, beloveds. We are on the beach of life together. We are merged, and We have eyes only for each other, even though We are One and indivisible.

Can a light see itself? It must be so because I see Myself, and I see Myself in you.



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