HEAVEN #2469 Godwriting

God said:

You begin: "God said." You could begin: "God whispered." "God thought." "God smiled."

You may hear words from Me, but I speak not in words. I speak in a vibration of sound. My thoughts are a vibration, and the vibration of My thought swirls up, and you catch a layer of My vibration and cut off a slice.

As you know, all is vibration. Even the innocent physical chairs and tables vibrate. They really are not sitting still there. They contain moving molecules that dance around.

You jump into My thoughts the same way as when you were a child playing jump-rope on the sidewalk with a group of friends. Two friends twirl the rope. When it is your turn, you kind of lean in. Then, it is as if you hear, "Now, now jump in,." No one specifically says, "Jump in." You sense the message. You feel when to jump in. And then you jump in.

You lean in to My thoughts, and you catch my thoughts when they are ready to come off the assembly line, as it were. We can say I speak in the universal language of vibration. As you Godwriteâ„¢, you begin to sense the intent of the vibrating, and so you hear words you write down. You hear without hearing.

It is like you dive into a pool of knowledge. You dive and come up. You come out knowing on a deeper level than thought. You leap into the pool, and, almost without awareness, you come up with, not the fish that swam there, but with the idea of the fish that swam there. You pull up a memory, We could say. You come up with an image of the fish, and so you Godwrite. The image is a form of My vibration that you can write down. We could say you are a filter in the pool of knowledge.

It takes no special hearing to hear Me. Swim in the pool, and it is automatic. All you have to do is to step into the pool and immerse yourself there. You may not feel that you go deep, but, beloveds, you will have gone to the very depth of My heart. I put no obstacles before you. This is easy. This is as easy as jumping off a log. It is easier.

We could say that this pool is My mouth. I utter sounds here. The sounds are meaningful to you. You catch the drift of what I am saying. Waves of My awareness flow over you, and you get wet. There is nothing to it, to get wet. All you have to do is to dive into the pool. Just be a dolphin who enjoys the water. Splash in and out.

I do not speak in Greek nor English nor any language on Earth. I speak in the vibration from which all languages come. We could say I speak in the language of love, for I know no other.

Even as you leave the lagoon of pure knowledge, even as you dry off and sit in the hot sun, you are not absent from the water. You have absorbed some of the water, Beloveds. You may have swallowed some. Certainly your pores drink up some. There is no way you can be out of My Presence. You may think so, based on this or that. It doesn't matter. There is no way you can be away from Me.

Deep within you lies the DNA of all My love and the DNA of all My knowledge. They are yours for the asking They are yours for the taking. So ask. So take. I want you to. Right now, come swim with Me.




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