HEAVEN #2486 Stay on Course

When you are thrown for a loop, let the loop be short-lived. What occurs in life does not have to become your preoccupation. When life falls short, right yourself. When you are stunned, recover. What else is there for you to do? That which you see as dire in life, becomes less dire as life furthers itself. What seems monumental becomes less monumental. What was so terrible later isn't so terrible as you thought. What seemed terrific, also loses its glamour. Time makes both upheaval and glory less. Your state of consciousness makes everything that happens in the world less significant.

Let fade what will fade, for fade it must while you in your brightness stay facing the sun-filled sky by day and the starlit sky by night. What is constant is constant. What is not constant is not. It never was. You are made of mightier stuff than flimsy. You are your own light too. Under all circumstances, you can radiate. Even through rough waters, you can steer the prow of your ship, and you will meet the still waters that inevitably wait for you over the horizon.

The world and its events are not your rudder, beloveds.

When life veers, it's not necessary for you to be thrown off course. You can stay on course. You can go steadily ahead. You can sail the mighty main. You can hold your heart steadfast no matter what wind blows. If you have thought of yourself as weak in the face of storms, now think of yourself as strong. You can have the same equilibrium in storm and in lull.

You do not wait for the other shoe to fall, and if it does, you don't need to be stopped by it. You need to keep going forward regardless. You will go forward sooner or later. I suggest sooner.

Whatever life throws at you, it is for you to bounce back. It is not required that anything bruise you in the first place. When you do not feel assailed by life, what is there for you to recover from? Neither sleet nor rain is to delay you from your task. Your task in life is to be hearty the way sailors are on the sea. Be like a pirate in fortitude. A pirate's spirit is not dampened by a black patch over his eye. And when the timbers are shaken, he nevertheless swings on the mast.

You have all kinds of reasons why life is hard and why you think you must be disheveled by its occurrences. But what if you didn't have to be disheveled? What if you were not dampened no matter what the weather? What if there is more to you than the eye can see? What if you come from hardy stock? What if you are supremely strong?

When you can let go of what you see as proper, when you can let go of how you believe life has to be, how much will you tremble? Even an earthquake will not destroy your balance. Before, during, and after an earthquake, you are still you.

I do not say for you to be stoic. I say you are strong. I do not say you are to be stiff like an iron bar. I say you are to bounce, beloveds. I say, be like a bouncing ball that reaches high into the sky and bounces back on earth. A ball has the idea that bouncing is what it is to do. And you, too, beloveds, embrace the idea that you are to reach high into the sky and bounce back on Earth and bounce high again, and not mind.



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