HEAVEN #2491 Look Up at the Stars Instead

You came to Me in a dream. I saw you first before you were embodied. I dreamed of you. And what I dream comes to pass.

You were no accident. By whatever means you were physically incepted on Earth, you were My dream long before that - or soon before that. Perhaps in an instant. Perhaps there was no distance between My thought of you and your arrival.

That you are here on Earth signifies that you are meant to be. That is all you need to know. Out of so many possibilities, you were born. First I conceived the idea of the you. First I dreamed you, and then My dream became concrete, as My dreams do, as do yours.

It is time you knew that I gave great thought to you. This does not mean I analyzed. It means I gave you My attention. From My heart you were conceived. From My hands you were molded. I made you, it is true. At the same time, you willingly appeared before Me. By mutual agreement, you took your turn. You came to the head of the line, and, it is as if you were catapulted into life. You parachuted to Earth from My heart. You were like a hand-kneaded bread ready to pop into the oven. And so you were born. You were born at My behest. You were born for great things.

Now you can know that you are entitled to expand your vision. You are here for a grand undertaking. Yes, there will be details in life, but your life is meant for far more than the details alone. All the human acts of life cannot take away from your spiritual life. They cannot light a candle to it. However, you are here to give your life everything you've got. You have treasures beyond your reckoning. You have deeds beyond your present recognition, and yet they are deeds for you to do.

What would you like to be involved in? Certainly more than the radius of the mundane. But what would it be? If you had a magic wand, what would you wave into existence? Or, given three wishes, what would your wishes be? Surely you are going to tell Me more than a new car. Surely you will branch out from your personal life. Surely your wishes will not be all about you. Your vision extends beyond the imagined borders around you.

You do want to reach the stars, don't you? The stars are very familiar to you. They are more familiar than your day to day life. You know the stars very well. You cannot put your awareness into words, but awareness of the stars you have. The stars fostered you, beloveds. Consider the stars as the oven you baked in. Consider the stars eternal light, and you will begin to grasp the magnificence of Human Beings, and the magnificence of you. This life is all about you while, at the same time, it is not about you at all. I think it is about Me. What do you think?

What would you like to think? Then think it.

We already co-created. Now the question is: What are you going to do with Our co-creation? It is not far-fetched to think that the choice is yours.

What have you been thinking about? Favor fulfillment over need. Come from a full place in your heart. Come not from
perceived emptiness in the world. Fill the world up with your desires. Desires go far beyond needs. Look not at needs. Look up at the stars instead.


Daniel 20th September 2007 7:31 am



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