HEAVEN #2492 Here Lies Happiness

Pay attention to those things that make you happy. It is not the thing or event, of course, that makes you happy. There is something about it that brings out happiness from you. No matter how diverse the occurrences that give you joy may be, they share something in common. Discover what this is, and you have a formula for happiness.

What brings you happiness? Here are some things:

Beautiful weather. Fresh air. Birds singing. Love received, given, or observed. Children at play. A good book. New shoes. An old friend gets in touch with you. Someone you know has a baby. A bargain.

I think you could make a long list, perhaps an infinite list. What gives you even the tiniest bit of happiness? Never mind what does not. What does?

And what is your definition of happiness? It doesn't have to be excitement, does it? Happiness doesn't have to be overwhelming. It can be quiet. Whatever makes you happy, it makes you notice the reservoir of happiness within you. It stirs the pot, as it were. What stirs the pot of your happiness, beloveds? Can you stir it yourself?

Avail yourself of those things that spark happiness within you. No longer deny yourself happiness. Gather that which brings a smile to your lips and roses to your cheeks.

If you want to climb a tree, why not climb it?

If you want to go barefoot in the rain, who says you shouldn't?

If you want to eat a sweet juicy nectarine, eat it.

And in how many ways can you give happiness, even a little bit of it? Begin now. Who needs a gift of happiness now? Perhaps you can give it. Give it generously at no cost to your hide.

Fairy tales are full of stories where the older brothers refused to share his lunch with a little old man or woman on their travels. The youngest simpleton son shares his lunch, however, and he wins the princess and the castle. The simpleton son does not share with a reward in mind. He shares because he cannot not share. Simple innocence shares. It counts neither costs nor reward. Innocence is too simple to think there may not be enough to go around. Innocence knows no lack.

Is ampleness a part of your happiness? Certainly, it is harder to be happy when you think of lack. Certainly, thinking of all you have been thinking about does not make you happy. Why then think about lack when you can think about what you do have? Appreciate that which is yours to appreciate. Is appreciation a part of happiness?

Is a sense of peace also part of your happiness? Certainly, war-torn thoughts do not bring you happiness. Be done with such thoughts. Accrue peace to you. Sink into the peace that surpasseth all understanding.

I think newness brings you some happiness. Something you learn. Something you never did before.

That which brings you happiness does not have to be a massive thing. The little things will do. The thing is, beloveds, you are not to wait for happiness. You are to discover it now. Find it where it is, and declare it. Be a discoverer of happiness in all the likely and unlikely places. Actually, there is really only one place you find happiness, and that is in your heart. Open your heart now, and you will find all the treasures of happiness you have been seeking. Happiness has been seeking you, beloveds. It wishes to be found. Find it now.




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