HEAVEN #2494 A Wonderful World

This is a wonderful world you live in. And that's all you have to do -- live in it.

If you want the water in your tub to rise, all you have to do is to get in. You don't have to order the water to rise. You don't have to demand it. You don't have to threaten the water in order for it to rise. It will naturally rise on its own. All you have to do is to step in. The rest is automatic.

Consider life the bathtub you step into. By your very presence, the world will rise. When you enter the world with your love and wisdom, what chance does the world have but to rise?

It is not necessary to point out all the faults of the world in order for it to rise. You don't have to castigate the world. You don't need to show it the error of its ways. You don't have to protest its misbehavior. You simply enter into the equation with love in your heart, and the world will do you bidding.

You may say that you alone can't make a difference. Join in with life, and one by one, others will follow, and before you know it, you will have an army of high-consciousness soldiers, not soldiers at all, of course, but rather a league of world-uplifters. It is so simple, beloveds.

Usher in a new day by the union of hearts desiring to usher in a new day. Let hearts of love hold hands, When enough hearts join hands, peace is assured. More than peace is assured. Love is assured.

Love will rise the way the sun does every morning. It will be inevitable. A new day is dawning, and your presence is requested. Take the gun out of your holster, and carry love instead, for love will heal every breech, and love will send a high message. Love will dwarf armed weapons any day. It is not even that love triumphs. It takes no captives. It's just that all will join love, for you will have shown them how.

It is not that you turn the other cheek, as you have understood. By your love, another's cheek is turned. Love will turn others away from wrath. Love dispels all illusion, and anything that is not love is an illusion. No longer will you keep up a pretense that you are less than love. As you step forward in love, the whole world will follow you. You will revolve the world before it can say Jiminy Cricket. When love marches, no one can be out of step.

You may say that this has been tried before, and it didn't work. You may cite Christ and Buddha and Mohammed and all the saints. But they did not have you, beloveds. Now, you join with them, and you will live to see an uproar of love in the world. Know yourself as the mighty force you are. Since you alit on Earth, you have been a mighty force, a mighty force for doubt, perhaps. Now, have no doubt. Have love instead. Masquerade no longer. Be the love you are.

From this moment forth, no word from your mouth that is not love. No word from your pen. Let your love be like water that baptizes the world. Let your heart flood the Earth with love and nothing but love. Not show of love, mind you. Not sentimentality, not a façade, not an effort, but just love being love, radiating out from the center of your heart and embracing all in its wake.


Vera 23rd September 2007 8:31 pm

Thank you!!! So simple -the analogy of the bathtub - but SO true & even easier to remember that other suggestions about being a Light for our world. May your day continue to be joyful and filled with ease as I continue to follow the same new mantra... Blessings - Vera


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