HEAVEN #2495 Where does anger come from?

It is always yourself you are angry at. There is some transgression you have made that makes you angry. It isn't the other person or persons involved. No matter how much at fault they may be, your anger comes from something to do with you.

Anger is always ego. Always. The situation may be incorrect. You may be absolutely right, and yet the anger is, nevertheless, ego. Certainly, a situation can need to be remedied, and yet you don't have to be angry about it. It is your prerogative to not like the situation, but the accompanying anger is a different story. Anger is no good. It is no good at all. It does not do you, others involved, nor the situation any good. You want to put out fires, not add to them.

Peace is a wonderful thing. You admire Gandhi and what he accomplished through peaceful means. How simple he was, and how obvious that he was on the right track. And yet, in your own life, for matters of much less significance than Gandhi's, you revert to anger time and time again. You would think that anger was valuable, even invaluable, while all along anger inflates a situation and takes away your peace.

Anger not expressed is still anger. I don't know which is worse? Anger expressed or anger repressed. Refuse anger in any shape or form.

Listen, anger is a dreadful thing. All on its own, it is dreadful. And then it puts a mushroom cloud over a situation. It blinds you. Look, no matter what the situation, it is only a situation, and situations can be changed. Anger contributes nothing to the solution. If you want a peaceful conclusion to the situation, be peaceful.

This is all so clear to you when it is someone else, or it's in a book or movie.

When it comes to your life, however, you are passionate with anger. Be dispassionate without it. Be passionate about peace. You don't give up anything but anger to feel peace within you. Peace is a great thing. Anger is not. Anger is a dime a dozen. Anyone can flare up in anger. Not everyone has yet learned the benefit of cooling down in peace.

You like to think of yourself as a cool person. Then be cool with calm and not hot with anger. There simply is no advantage to anger. It costs too much, beloveds. It costs you your peace of mind. It shortens your life. Be not short-tempered nor hot-tempered. Be cool.

I see you are nodding at everything I say. You agree with me in theory until next time when something makes you red under the collar. Is it possible that you can remind yourself of Me the next time you feel anger rising? Is it possible you could remind yourself that there is a God in Heaven and on Earth and within you, a God of love and peace and all things cool?

Thinking of Me is not like calling in a referee or a mediator, yet it does help you gain a different perspective where a different perspective is needed. There is no time when a better perspective is needed than when you get hot with anger. If you are seeing red too much to remember Me, then remember you. Remember yourself more than the situation that made you turn on yourself.

Do you perhaps think you really do need anger in order to reconcile situations? Do you perhaps feel that anger serves a validating function? What can it be about anger that makes you feel it's useful even when you know better? What can We do so that anger does not arise and, therefore, you won't have it?




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