HEAVEN #2500 Here, Take this Happiness

What shall We do with your discomfiture in the world? You see, you do know that you are not meant for the world as you presently view it. You tend to see life on Earth as a hardship, as a striving, as a proving-ground rather than an oasis. Yes, indeed, the world needs some attending to, and you need to realize Who you are. The question is not so much about what is going on in the world, but rather what is going on with you. Where are your thoughts, and where do they take you? Have thoughts that take you to greener fields.

How you think makes a difference to the world you live in.

If the world is your child, then you must inspire it. No more condemnations of it. No more pointing out all its flaws. Despite what you may have convinced yourself of, beauty and love predominate, even when your attention has been on flaws rather than beauty.

The world you live in is a work of art. Yes, disharmony exists, yet can you really deny the harmony and vast beauty of this universe. Can you? When you really look at the world, when you really look at the palm of your hand or a leaf from a tree, how can you be in anything but wonder? If you are fraught with dismay or disgruntlement, you have been looking in the wrong places. Looking on error, you compound it. You promulgate it. Isn't there something else you could focus on in the world that would lend a hand to the world? As you think, so you radiate. What do you want to radiate, beloveds? Then radiate it.

What you radiate is up to you. It is not up to anyone else. That which you look at is what you will radiate. Even when your heart's desire is to lift cruelty from the world, when you look at cruelty, you are supporting it. You may have a sincere cause to end cruelty and crime and violence, yet the more you investigate these matters, the more you support them. You build hospitals to house illness, and you build buildings to house criminals. You are strengthening the very thing you wish to remove. Change your focus.

Focus on the multitudes who are kind and gentle and law-abiding. Give credit rather than demerit.

If the world is the environment you are in, then look at your environment in the same view you would like to be looked at. Even in you, imperfection can be found when you're looking for it. Look for something else -- joy, for example. Look for that which gives you joy.

I know you tend to believe that happiness is something given to you or not. Or it is given to you only to be taken away. You are mistaken. Happiness is clearly one of your choices. It is not foisted on you. It is yours to take. Here, take this happiness. I hand it to you. It is a precious tender commodity. And yet it is yours to decide. Somewhere along the line, you decided to accept limited happiness. Now choose happiness altogether. It is as easy to choose happiness as it is to choose unhappiness.

In the stock market, you can buy any stock you choose. You also can buy any state of mind you desire. Happiness doesn't cost, yet if it did, it would cost less than struggle and unhappiness. Who in their right mind would choose unhappiness when, for the same money, they can have great joy and great happiness. Yes, you have choices to make. Make them.



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